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Adventure Camps: Not Your Ordinary Summer Camp

By Wilderness Adventures October 10, 2021

Summer camps are an excellent way for children and teens to build self-confidence, try new things, connect with others their age, and form bonds that last a lifetime. But, what makes an adventure travel camp so unique? Adventure travel camps for kids emphasize experiences that garner leadership qualities, emotional intelligence, and outdoor and wilderness education by allowing them to explore new and exciting locations and participate in unique experiences while building a trusting and fortified bond with their leaders and fellow students. 


Read on to learn why adventure travel camps are not your ordinary summer camp, but so much more!  

Exciting Locations

While there are probably a variety of summer camps located in your region—maybe even right in your backyard—nothing will beat the independence and excitement your child will feel as they venture off to a new and riveting location!


While our adventure travel camps are very accessible, typically starting and ending in well-known U.S. cities, such as Albany, NY, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and San Fransisco, CA, we also offer a variety of once-in-a-lifetime international opportunities as well. Explore the vast European Alps of Switzerland, trek the diverse landscapes of Costa Rica, discover the history of Machu Picchu, or journey down-under to Australia as part of some of our Explorer and High Trails Program.     

Unique Experiences

Complementary to these unique and exciting locations come unique and exciting experiences! As our name suggests, we like to focus our adventures on wilderness and outdoor activities and education. To ensure our students are completely immersed in the moment and growing into the skills being taught—such as critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and innovation, and communication and collaboration—all of our adventures are cell phone and technology-free.


From sailing on catamarans to a summit-attempt of Mt. Kilimanjaro to multi-day rafting trips and so much more, our offered experiences are diverse and exhilarating. Your teen will emerge with a strengthened sense of self, a group of friends that will last a lifetime, and memories they’ll never forget.    

Be Part of a Community

Building trusting relationships between our trip leaders and students and between the student group is imperative during our adventures. Our leaders are skilled expert explorers and are, simply put: awesome! Community building starts before your trip when you will receive an email with your leaders’ names, photos, and bios. Additionally, trip leaders will call you before your program begins to say hello and answer any last-minute questions you have!


Then when your child arrives for their adventure, they’ll meet their fellow students, who will be the same age, with similar interests. As the days go on, they’ll form bonds with each other—over jokes, skits, s’mores, and belly laughs around the campfire—creating stories that will endure well into the future!  


Do Something Wild

At Wilderness Adventures, we encourage our students to “Do Something Wild.” Whether getting ready to climb the next pitch, hitting the whitewater wave train, or lacing up their boots for a day of backpacking in Alaska, WA provides opportunities for students to step outside the boundaries of their comfort zone and experience the growth that comes along with the challenge.

Is your child or teen ready for their next adventure? Request info on their desired trip today!