What to Expect

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Finding the Perfect Adventure

WA has lots of programs to offer! From our day camp (for K-8th graders) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to our traditional travel programs (for 5th-12th graders) around the globe to our Leadership Institute programs (for 18+ yr olds). Our team is here to help you sort through it all and find the perfect program!

WA students don’t need any previous experience to excel in our programs. A desire to try new things, make new friends, and see some of the most beautiful places on earth are all you need to be successful at WA!

Using our online trip search feature is a great place to start. Or just give our office a call. Share a bit about your child (age, grade, activities and/or location of interest) and we can help steer you in the right direction!

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Signing Up

Once you are ready to sign up for your adventure, simply complete our online application. Our online system will create an account for your family where you will be able to track all payments and necessary paperwork for your adventure. Be sure to review our Terms and Conditions before submitting your application!

Then What?

After completing the online application, you will receive an email confirmation from our enrollment team. They will provide you with next steps to complete the application process including a reference check (for new WA students) and a few forms that can be completed by a parent or guardian. Once our team has received all of the necessary paperwork, you will be informed of official enrollment at WA!

Once the application paperwork is out of the way, things get a bit more fun! You will receive a detailed itinerary for the program, a pack list for your trip, and more information about travel! The coordinator of your student’s program will reach out to help you with all your summer preparations!

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During the Program

WA is electronics-free, so once your student arrives with the group they will no longer have access to their phone (trip leaders hold these for safekeeping). You will receive a phone call from the airport when your student has joined the group (one last chat and a chance to talk with a trip leader). Throughout your student’s program, updates will be provided to families! More details about these updates (how often and what to expect) will be provided before your trip begins.


After a grand adventure, it will be time for your student to head home! After tear-filled goodbyes, high fives, and final photos the group will head to the airport. Trip Leaders will help students proceed through security and ensure that they have plenty of time to navigate to their gate before their flight boards. Phones will also be redistributed so students have plenty of time to charge them before flying. You’ll likely hear from your student once they are back in possession of their phone!

Our trip leaders will wait at the airport until all students’ flights have taken off (wheels up) to ensure that no one gets stuck with a delayed or canceled flight.

Post Trip

After your student returns home you will receive a survey. Please take a few moments to share your experience with us! We want to learn and make improvements every year, so your feedback is essential. You will also receive an email with your student’s evaluation (completed by their trip leaders) as well as a digital photo album of all the photos that the trip leaders took on the program.
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