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Why Wilderness Adventures?

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Rich History

Since 1973, Wilderness Adventures, or as some might know us as Wilderness Ventures, has grown to serve more than 30,000 alumni on trips throughout 6 continents.

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Unique Operating Permits

Wilderness Adventures boasts more outdoor permits than any other camp, granting our teens exclusive access to the most spectacular national parks, forests, and Wilderness areas in the country.

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With students coming from all across the country and from all different backgrounds, the tight-knit Wilderness Adventures community is one where everybody is welcomed and celebrated.

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Traveler with rock climbing helmet, getting ready to climb
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Discover Our Programs

Base Camp Parent

"Wow! Finally a day camp with heart!! My kids ages, 10 and 11 had a ball. The counselors were beyond fun and kids loved ALL the choices for outdoor activities without all the waiting. Feels good to send the boys to a camp that is a GRAND leap beyond the usual day camp experience."

Susannah, Parent

Yellowstone Teton Discovery Student

"The things I did and saw this summer were so unique and incredible just like the people I met. I learned that determination is the key to success."

Charlotte, Student

Hawaii Explorer Student

"There's just a special thing about these trips that bonds everyone together and a great way to see the world."

Jonah, Student

Grand Teton Student

"Wilderness Adventures is so different from anything else and it is an experience of a lifetime. I think that everyone should try something like this once in their life because it's such a special experience."

Zach, Student

Gap Semester Student

"The most valuable learning experiences on my trip were during WFR training, meal planning, cooking, navigating trails, and adapting to changes in the itinerary. I learned how to remain calm and effectively treat patients, create meals and grocery lists, delegate tasks while cooking, read topographic maps and identify trails, and lastly how to revise a plan and implement it successfully when the original plan is faulty or unexpectedly changed."

Alex, Student
Traveler standing on top of a rock with the sun shining on them

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