Work at Base Camp

"Working at Base Camp is the best summer job because of the fun and joy we bring to kids" -Hunter, Base Camp Counselor

Job Description

Counselor: Counselors are the “big siblings” of their campers. Each group of campers has two or more counselors. Much of the summer’s success lies in the relationship between counselors and campers. Great counselors are responsible, enthusiastic, and excellent communicators. For most campers, great counselors will lead to great summers. Counselors independently run activities and create spontaneous fun for their campers. They also provide motivation and emotional support to campers throughout the day. This is an active job that requires energy and a willingness to be silly.

Program Specialist: Program specialists direct specific activities throughout the day. These individuals are experts in field games, archery and target sports, arts and crafts, mountain life, performance, and nature discovery. Specialists plan and lead activities with the assistance of counselor(s).

**A Note to Parents: We are so excited to begin this application process with your child, and we understand that for some of them, it may be their first time applying for a job. Please know that we want to hear directly from your child and that they should be the ones filling out the application. Please ensure they have an email address set up so that we can communicate with them directly, and allow them to be the ones to coordinate this process with us. Communication is an important part of the application and the job of a Base Camp Counselor, and we take it very seriously. It is with this in mind that we ask parents of staff or staff applicants to refrain from reaching out to our office team unless in the case of an emergency.


  • Minimum of 15 years old for counselors by June 2024, unless they were a CIT in 2023
  • Demonstrate a track record of superb judgment
  • A minimum certification in CPR and First Aid by June 2024
  • Program specialists: passion and experience/expertise in a specialty area

Salary & Benefits

  • Most staff will receive an hourly wage and average 37.5-40 hours/week
  • Wilderness Adventures offers many pro deals and industry discounts
  • Base Camp Adventure Points – accumulate points for weeks worked to put toward a future adventure travel program with Wilderness Adventures!

Dates of Employment

  • Base Camp runs ten 5-day sessions from June through August.
  • Base Camp employees are expected to work a minimum of 4 weeks of camp.
  • Counselors do not need to work consecutive sessions.



Nope! While we usually ask for a minimum of 4 weeks work, we understand that summer is a busy time. However,  we may give preference to applicants who indicate they can work more weeks on their applications.

All Base Camp counselors must possess at minimum, a CPR and First Aid certification. Wilderness Adventures and Base Camp will try to provide a course for all who are not currently certified before the summer begins.

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Upload a copy of your current driver’s license (if you have one)
  3. Upload copies of all current certifications (CPR, First Aid, Lifeguarding, PADI, WFA, WAFA, WFR, and/or WEMT)
  4. Optional: Upload a profile photo along with your online application, or email a digital headshot of yourself to

Ready to Apply?

We can’t wait to begin this application process with you! If you have any questions about the application process, please email

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