Travelers in the airport on arrival day

The adventure typically begins with travel to the city where your program starts! Most of our students will fly, but those living locally or close by may opt to drive. Either way works for us! Typically our students fly alone (without a parent), knowing that a WA trip leader will be waiting for them upon their arrival!

Each program at WA has specific travel windows that we ask students to arrive and depart within to ensure we do not end up spending full days at the airport. Your specific travel information is available on your CampInTouch account.


Travel Tips

  • We recommend that students travel with a cell phone.
  • Upon their arrival, you (the parent) will receive a phone call from the Trip Leader and your student confirming their arrival.
  • Student cell phones will be returned on departure day with time for charging before boarding their flight.
  • If your student will be making a connection, we encourage you to plan a connection time that is longer than necessary; at least 2 hours. This will minimize any disruption caused by delayed flights.

WA highly recommends the services of Aspen Travel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Aspen Travel has been assisting WA families since 1977 and their professional team specializes in high-quality group travel service.

Aspen Travel can enhance your experience by:

  • Notifying WA in the event of a last-minute change, delay, missed connection, or other issue
  • Finding the best fare within your arrival and departure window
  • Reviewing your itinerary with the WA team before purchasing
  • Coordinating flights with other students traveling from the same area
  • Assisting you in resolving any problems during travel

*Please note that you are not required to use the services of Aspen Travel. You may book your travel independently if you prefer!

Unaccompanied Minor Travel

Policies regarding minors traveling alone vary among airlines. Please consult with your airline of choice directly or reach out to Aspen Travel for more information. More complete unaccompanied minor travel information.