Food At WA

Photo of stir fry with a hand topping it with soy sauce.

Food is fuel! All of our activities rely on the shared contribution of all group members. The way that we eat on WA trips is no exception. Cooking and sharing meals is a fun time of day when your group comes together to create delicious and nutritious food. And we’ve got to fuel up for all of those exciting activities! 

Cook Crews

Every meal will have a dedicated ‘Cook Crew’ of 3-4 students. Cook Crews are responsible for planning and executing the meal (with Trip Leaders support!). Whether you have a favorite recipe from home you want to cook, or you flip through the WA Cookbook to find an exciting new meal to try, preparing meals is a wonderful learning opportunity and also a lot of fun!

Allergies + Dietary Restrictions

At Wilderness Adventures, we take allergies very seriously and work hard to ensure that your food allergy does not prohibit you from having an amazing experience! As we are not a traditional residential camp program, we can tailor the menu of each trip to meet the needs of the participants. 

One of our Directors, Catherine Holland, is a Registered Dietician and her children have food allergies themselves, so this topic is close to home! Trip Leaders are given detailed information on allergies and dietary restrictions that students on their program have. As their students’ guardians and advocates, Trip Leaders act in the place of parents on a daily basis to ensure that students do not come into contact with any known allergies and still feel satisfied with each meal. Check out our Food Allergy Guidelines for more information and details.


Each day there will be plenty of snack breaks! Apples, GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts – plus any other favorites like M&M’s, goldfish, pretzels, etc.), granola bars, oranges, peanut butter tortillas, and fruit snacks galore. We know how important it is to fuel our bodies on all of our adventures – big or small – so your Trip Leaders will ensure that you have ample snacks to feel your strongest every day.

Ramen and Other Alternatives

While we do our best to make it possible to eat meals you know and love from home, sometimes after a big day you need a little extra food to refuel, or sometimes the prepped dinner just really isn’t something you want to eat. We understand! And we’re ready to make sure you have enough to eat. Trip Leaders often have extra Ramen Noodles, PB&J supplies, and other supplemental food to ensure you feel satisfied at the end of each meal. Read about our favorite way to prepare Ramen!


S’mores, No-Bake-Cheesecake, or maybe even a birthday cake! At WA, dessert is part of the meal-time fun, and you will certainly get to enjoy a few treats on your trip.