Information Sessions

Wilderness Adventures Presentations

We’re coming to a city near you!

Each winter, the Wilderness Adventures Leadership Team travels the country to share the WA experience with interested families and friends. We hope that you can join us this winter. All are welcome, so please be sure to share with your family and friends!

We will also be hosting a couple of webinars for those that are not able to meet us in person. These informative and interactive webinars are hosted by our director, Tom Holland. Tom will share details about our 45 years history, our students, our trip leaders, and our incredible programs. We will also have Regional Directors standing by to answer any questions you have!

We will be adding more presentation dates soon, so be sure to check back!


Tuesday, October 306:00pm MDTRSVP
Wednesday, November 286:00pm MSTRSVP
Tuesday, December 136:00pm MSTRSVP
Tuesday, January 86:00pm MSTRSVP
Monday, February 186:00pm MSTRSVP
Thursday, March 146:00pm MSTRSVP
Tuesday, April 96:00pm MSTRSVP
Tuesday, May 76:00pm MSTRSVP

Informational Sessions

October 18, 2018Stowe, VT6:00pmRSVP
November 15, 2018New York City, NY7:00pmRSVP
January 10, 2019Fort Collins, CO7:00pmRSVP
January 21, 2019Kansas City, KS5:00pmRSVP
January 22, 2019Cincinnati, OH7:00pmRSVP
January 22, 2019Minneapolis, MN7:00pmRSVP
January 23, 2019Lexington, KY7:00pmRSVP
January 23, 2019Whitefish Bay, WI7:00pmRSVP
January 24, 2019Indianapolis, IN7:00pmRSVP
January 24, 2019Cleveland, OH7:00pmRSVP
January 26, 2019St. Louis, MO4:00pmRSVP
January 26, 2019Pittsburgh, PA10:00amRSVP
January 27, 2019Boston, MA2:00pmRSVP
January 27, 2019Boston, MA7:00pmRSVP
January 27, 2019Memphis, TN5:00pmRSVP
January 28, 2019Norfolk, VA7:00pmRSVP
January 28, 2019Chicago, IL7:00pmRSVP
January 29, 2019Exeter, NH6:30pmRSVP
January 30, 2019Jackson, WY6:30pmRSVP
January 30, 2019Boulder, CO7:00pmRSVP
January 31, 2019Greenwich, CT7:00pmRSVP
February 1, 2019Jacksonville, FL4:00pmRSVP
February 2, 2019Summit, NJ3:00pmRSVP
February 2, 2019Tampa, FL3:00pmRSVP
February 4, 2019Washington, DC7:00pmRSVP
February 4, 2019New Orleans, LA6:30pmRSVP
February 4, 2019New York City, NY7:00pmRSVP
February 5, 2019New York City, NY7:00pmRSVP
February 5, 2019Birmingham, AL7:00pmRSVP
February 6, 2019Paramus, NJ7:00pmRSVP
February 6, 2019Atlanta, GA7:00pmRSVP
February 7, 2019Philadelphia, PA7:00pmRSVP
February 9, 2019Charlotte, NC11:00amRSVP
February 12, 2019Raleigh, NC6:30pmRSVP
February 13, 2019Austin, TX7:00pmRSVP
February 20, 2019Nashville, TN7:00pmRSVP