Base Camp Jackson Hole

We are Open for the 2020 Summer!

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Our campers will be split into six age groups we call our Houses:

HOUSE OF BLUEBELL: FINISHING KINDERGARTEN (or born on or before 9/15/14)

Dates and Rates:

WEEK 1: June 15 – 19
WEEK 2: June 22 – 26
WEEK 3: June 29 – July 1 (Partial week: Mon-Wed)
WEEK 4: July 6 – 10
WEEK 5: July 13 – 17
WEEK 6: July 20 – 24
WEEK 7: July 27 – 31
WEEK 8: August 3 – 7
WEEK 9: August 10 – 14
WEEK 10: August 17 – 21
COST: $440.00/Week (New Hours!: 9:00am – 4:00pm)
A one time registration fee of $40.00
Week of 4th of July (Week 3): $280.00
C.I.T. Program: $400.00/week

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit per week will be charged upon enrolling in Base Camp Jackson Hole.
Additionally, please note that there is a $15 fee for switching weeks. After May 1st, 2020 this fee will increase to $30.

How We Plan on Operating This Summer

We have been working non-stop this spring to prepare for our opening day of camp. Kids need experiences like Base Camp, now, more than ever. Our program is an outdoor based day camp set at Snow King Mountain Resort providing ample space to be outside, in fresh air, and experiencing the wonder and magic of camp. This year, we will be following the recommendations of the American Camp Association, Environmental Health and Engineering, Centers for Disease Control, the State of Wyoming and Teton County Health Department. We are excited about offering camp this summer, and helping our families move towards a return normal. 

Like every year, the health and wellness of our campers and staff is our highest priority. Still this year will be unique, and we want to make you aware of our plans for operation. 

Camper Groups

Our camper groups are divided up by age, and these are called our Houses. This year we will be working to keep our camper groups small, around 10 – 12 campers. They will spend the day and the entire week together acting like a family during their time with us. here will be limited interaction with the greater camp community and social distancing within each of these groups will be strived for, but cannot be guaranteed. Also, we will start and end each day in two distinct groups- an upper camp and a lower camp (divided by age). 


Have no fear, we intend on camp being camp! When it comes to our program, campers will feel like much is the same as it has been in previous years. Campers will go from activity to activity in their ‘houses.’ They will be led by superb role models as they hike, do archery, arts and crafts and field games, just as they have always done in the past. However, the biggest change they will feel is when it comes to big group gatherings. We will be avoiding these, and centering around the programming that exists within a house. Further, we have worked with Snow King to expand the outdoor areas we use-so campers will be exposed to new areas away from heavily trafficked zones. 


Campers and staff will wash/sanitize their hands before and after every activity, every bathroom break, van ride, etc. Hand-washing and hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the camp. Additionally, the Base Camp team will be sanitizing programs and bathrooms multiple times each day.

Health Screening

While we will screen and temp check every staff member upon arrival, we will also check the temperature of all campers daily. We do request parents to screen your own children every morning prior to coming to camp. If your camper is showing signs of a fever, or other symptoms of COVID-19 we ask that you keep your camper home for the day.

Face Masks

For 2020, campers will be asked to bring in their backpack sunscreen, a water bottle, a lunch, a rain jacket and now a cloth face-mask as well. As Base Camp is mostly an outdoor experience, we are able to minimize the use of face-masks to indoor situations. The two main places we anticipate campers and staff utilizing face-masks are: any time a camper is in a van, and when campers need to go indoors with a larger group (ie during thunderstorms).

Before and After Care

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide before or after care this year. 

Social Distancing

We have altered our schedule, program, and activities to incorporate social distancing efforts. Base Camp will look different from previous years with smaller groups, no group mixing, an upper and a lower camp, separate drop-off and pick-up procedures/locations, and new activities. We also will be seeking to maintain our distance from public places. Nevertheless, kids are kids, and we know that we will not be able to keep every child 6 feet away from every other child. Consequently, we will be having the groups move in a pack all week long as a single small group-minimizing contact with others and the general public. We also will have new pick up and drop off procedures that will be explained to you when you pick up your camper’s t-shirt. 

One Big Circle, With Everybody In It. 

It’s how we live at Base Camp, and this summer, more than ever, we will need the support of our families. We ask you kindly to complete all paperwork prior to arrival at Base Camp. We also ask that you let us know if your child becomes ill this summer. Importantly, we also ask that if your child is feeling a bit ill, please do not send them to camp.

Our Schedule


A typical day at Base Camp is filled with adventure, fun activities, songs, and games. While each day differs slightly depending on which House you are in, we begin every morning at the base of Snow King where we gather as a group to welcome everyone to Base Camp. After some songs and games we break into our Houses for the remainder of the day, moving from activity to activity, including our “Campers Choice” activity. The activities each camper will participate in are hiking, arts and crafts, field games, and adrenaline-filled activities like the bouldering wall, the Flying Squirrel, and more!

We believe in empowering our students to choose the activities they want to participate in. There are five choice activities to choose from, each lasting one week. These activities are focused on arts, target sports (such as archery and slingshots), field games, songs/theater (with a performance at the end of each week!), and mountain life, including bouldering, fishing/casting, cooking, and camping skills.

The Details

Base Camp runs from 9:00am – 4:00pm (extended hours!).

Field Days

One day a week, Larkspur and Sage campers will leave camp and embark on a Base Camp field day to local areas. Field day activities may include day hikes within Grand Teton National Park, visits to local sights including the Fish Hatchery, Rendezvous Park, South Park Feed grounds, a wildlife safari through the Elk Refuge and more! Field days will vary depending on that week’s theme.

The Ultimate Summer

The Ultimate Summer: If your child is finishing 5th – 8th grade, you have the unique opportunity to take advantage of our Ultimate Summer! By participating in only (but not limited to) one week of Base Camp, you will receive 10% off one our Wilderness Adventures Discovery or Explorer adventures for that same year! These adventures take place all around the world and even right here in Wyoming. These trips provide the perfect launch pad to confident outdoor adventuring for years to come!

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