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Why Summer Day Camp is the Perfect Choice for Your Child

By Wilderness Adventures May 20, 2022
Jackson Hole Basecamp group photo

The spring school season is almost over and summer is just ahead. What summer plans do you have for your camper? We hope they include a Wilderness Adventures day camp! Give your camper the opportunity to continue developing their skills and interests. Our day camp in Jackson Hole is the place where every great adventure begins. 

Day camps provide the perfect space for your camper to grow and thrive. Although overnight camps are a great option for your camper to have an enriching getaway, day camps provide unique opportunities that set them apart. The numerous benefits they give build memories and values that last a lifetime.  

Summer Camp Activities

While schools can often solely encourage academic intelligence, real-world skills are built at camp. Our day camps help campers learn more about themselves and how to interact with the environment around them. Through fun activities such as arts and crafts, hiking, or field games, they are exposed to a variety of skills and techniques that develop all five of their senses. 

At our day camp, we aim to make the most of each hour we have your camper under our supervision. Limited time is actually one of the rich benefits of a day camp experience. We have the opportunity to structure each activity intentionally and with purpose. From the time campers arrive, they are immersed in creative thought and hands-on activities that foster growth. By the end of the day, campers can leave full of new ideas and come back feeling refreshed, ready for another day of learning and fun. 

Comfort for Younger Campers

Day camps also provide a great advantage in enabling your camper to feel comfortable in their environment. Many young campers are not ready to stay on their own overnight in an unfamiliar place. Oftentimes, too, parents want to keep an eye on their camper. 

We aim to ease a camper’s transition to independence. Summer camps for young kids, like our own in Jackson Hole, engage campers in ways that help boost their confidence and self-esteem. Through teamwork, they will be pushed to work together with their peers to solve problems and develop an eagerness to learn from each other. This eagerness often drives resiliency, preparing them for an overnight camp experience. 

Counselors in Training Program

The many opportunities day camps supply reach far beyond young campers. Our variety of Jackson Hole summer camps has a Counselors in Training Program exclusively for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade campers. These trainees will learn how to become not just camp counselors but amazing community members. They can sharpen their skills from responsibility to sportsmanship. 

Because campers in this program are sent home each day, they have the opportunity to also build a rich connection between camp life and home life. Whether it’s a specific topic or thought, campers can discuss what they learned with their parents and ask questions. This builds a bond of positive reinforcement between the camper and parent, who can then supply further insight. Campers can return to camp feeling both accepted at camp and at home. 

Summer Fun Awaits

Here at Wilderness Adventures, we are so excited for the upcoming 2022 camp season. Our staff and counselors can’t wait to meet your camper and give them a summer day camp experience like no other at one of the best summer camps Wyoming has to offer. Help your camper hop off the couch and into nature. 

Whether you want your camper to explore the wilderness or consider our Counselor In Training program, we hope you join us. Enroll your camper today