Why Community Service Is Important

By Wilderness Adventures July 23, 2015

At Wilderness Adventures, community service and involvement is extremely important to us. While we have specialized teen adventure camps designed around community service, all of our trips somehow incorporate community service. If you have not been able to attend one of our teen adventure camps, it does not mean that you too cannot participate in your community’s involvement.

The following reasons are why community service plays an important role in your life:

  • Community service can strengthen a community. From building homes and schools, to park cleanups, to mentoring and caring for children, by volunteering your time and efforts to your own community, you not help to better yourself, but your community as well.
  • Community service can help you to learn more about your community. You will not only be offered opportunities to learn how your community and government operate, but you will also become more knowledgeable in what you community needs in order to become more successful.
  • Community service can help you to develop a value of self worth. Helping others is a good way to help further develop your sense of belonging, self worth, and self-efficacy.
  • Community service is good for you. It has been scientifically proven that helping others can help to reduce your stress levels, as well as increase your mood levels, which in turn can strengthen your immunity and health.
  • Community service can help your community become one. By working as a community to reach a certain one goal, you are working as a team, uniting your community together as one.

Community service is a great way to give back and make a difference. Check into your local communities to see what you can do to help make a difference today!

Wilderness Adventures prides themselves on their dedication to providing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to students around the world. If you are interested in one of our adventure camps, visit Wilderness Adventures today.