Outdoor Education

The Benefits Of An Outdoor Education For Today’s Youth

By Wilderness Adventures January 12, 2024
Kids looking at a map

Not only is the great outdoors a good place to create an adventure and explore what Mother Nature and the natural wonders of the Earth have to offer us, but an outdoor education also offers many other additional benefits to today’s youth.

1. It promotes active learning.

With direct personal experiences, students can learn about the world through adventurous activities such as hiking, biking, and scuba diving, enhancing their focus on the environment.

2. It encourages intellectual, physical, and social development.

Not only will students learn to work together when experiencing an outdoor adventure, but they will also be provided with opportunities to learn important life skills, like a sense of responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment at the end of their adventure.

3. It helps to build their self-esteem and self-confidence.

By being given a challenge, which an outdoor adventure can provide, students will learn to overcome their fears and will be given opportunities to develop their independence, which will help to build their confidence.

4. It provides an opportunity to learn about other cultures.

By exploring other parts of the world, students will be given the ability to learn a new language while providing their service to villagers in places like Hawaii. With a cultural immersion adventure, students will gain a better understanding of the world beyond them and develop an appreciation for our planet.

5. It helps to develop a relationship with the environment.

By experiencing the great outdoors, students will learn to respect, appreciate, and enjoy what nature has to offer us. It helps them to see themselves in a global context, developing an awareness of the importance of sustainability of the world’s natural resources.

Educational wilderness adventures not only offer fun and excitement for today’s youth, but allows for the opportunity to learn about the world around them and allowing to learn who they truly are.

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