Wilderness Adventures

How To Survive a Politically Charged Thanksgiving Dinner

By Tom Holland November 25, 2019

Your uncle passes you the gravy. 

Your grandmother is dishing out the green bean casserole. 

Just as your father begins to carve the turkey, your aunt sees an opening…

“So, Bob (baiting your father), what’s your take on this whole Trump (or fill in your favorite political topic) thing?”

And there goes Thanksgiving. Packed on your plate with the stuffing and the rolls and the cranberry sauce is your dose of heartburn that can only come when families get overly political around the holidays. 

But, have no fear! It does not have to be this way! You are a WA grad, and you know of a better topic that can pull the group together instead of dividing them….summer. 

So when you see your aunt going for it, we at WA implore you to swallow that big bite of turkey (and maybe a little pride), and offer “Aunt Sarah, did you hear about my summer adventures?”

Then share your story. You might even mention that one of the great equalizers of divergent thoughts is a campfire in the middle of nowhere where politics do not matter so much. Tell them about where you went, how you were most challenged, how you gave up your electronic devices freely, and the spectacular settings you experiences. If the mood hits, maybe even play ‘rose, bud and thorn’ with your family – it is a great way to express your thoughts and ideals, and to hear theirs, too. 

When you conclude your debrief, then talk about this coming summer and where you want to go next. Heck, maybe even pull out the 2021 catalog and tell them where you’d like to go. Why do this? Well, in these times where people are so strongly in one camp or another, summer is the camp that will always pull us together. 

So, be yourself and guide that conversation away from conflict and into the adventures that have made you you. Your holiday, and theirs, will be all the better for it.