Outdoor Education

5 Ways an Adventure Camp Can Help Your Child Develop Lifelong Skills

By Wilderness Adventures August 17, 2021

Camps are an ideal way for kids to explore new passions and have novel experiences outside of the typical classroom or home setting. That’s why there are so many options available, from chess and STEM camps to sports-focused retreats. But what if your child is interested in outdoor adventuring and wilderness education?


Adventure camp for kids and teens is a great way for them to engage in a variety of thrilling activities all while creating friendships and developing important life skills. These are just a few of the lifelong skills kids can learn at an adventure camp that also prioritizes outdoor education.

1. Independence

There’s really a no better place than the great outdoors for children to experience personal growth. An adventure camp is often the first time kids and teens are empowered to explore and try new things without guidance from parents. Rather, they are encouraged and supported by experienced counselors to get out of their comfort zone in a safe environment. By the end of a backpacking trip or rock climbing adventure, they will have a great feeling of accomplishment that proves they can succeed at new adventures away from home.

2. Leadership

Independence and leadership go hand in hand. Leadership is a large part of any adventure camp experience as kids and teens are given the opportunity to take charge in a variety of capacities. There are chances to perform “Leader of the Day” duties, organize cook crews, and even prepare a wilderness education session about a new topic. No matter what your child does, they will be able to develop and refine their individual leadership style and emotional intelligence that can also help them back at school, in sports, and more.

3. Adaptability

No two days are the same at adventure camp, and kids and teens truly learn the value of being adaptable. During a wilderness exploration program, campers must learn to expect the unexpected and be prepared for all scenarios they may not have control over, such as the weather. This skill is also transferable to the classroom and real life where kids and teens will need to overcome obstacles using their critical thinking skills on a daily basis.

4. Appreciation for Nature & Conservation

Time and time again, studies have shown that time spent outdoors can help make kids healthier, happier, smarter, and more inclined to conservation. Many experts believe that adults with a strong environmental ethic almost always had at least one transcendent experience in nature when they were kids. A wilderness adventure can be that first experience for many campers to connect with nature in a meaningful way.

5. Teamwork & Community

Finally, we can’t forget to mention the most important benefit of summer camp: community. Adventure camp for teens and kids teaches the value of teamwork and community through hands-on activities in nature. While campers take ownership for their actions and are encouraged to be leaders, they must also work alongside their peers to accomplish shared goals (like a strenuous hike) and offer support.


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