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5 Reasons We Love to Visit Wyoming

By Wilderness Adventures October 12, 2022

Wyoming is wild and free. The spacious and less densely populated state allows nature to flourish untempered, giving those traveling through an explorer’s paradise. Whether you enjoy the challenge of hiking ancient mountains or walking through a paleontology discovery, throughout every season, Wyoming offers something for everyone. 

Explore Wyoming Outdoor Adventures

Our team at Wilderness Adventures can’t get enough of Wyoming. We love guiding kids and teenagers into the heart of the Cowboy State, giving them an adventure through activities such as sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and more. Learn more about why we love living in Wyoming. 

1. Amazing Wyoming Wildlife

Wyoming is home to a wide variety of untamed beautiful animals. The National Elk Refuge in Jackson allows travelers to witness not only majestic elk but endangered species such as wolves, bison, and bald eagles. In the summer these animals can be seen on foot or bike, and in the winter a horse-drawn sleigh ride can take viewers very close to the Elk herd. And don’t miss a chance to travel to Cheyenne, where up to 2,000 grazing bison can be seen.

2. Incredible Wyoming Historical Sites 

It’s hard to imagine, but dinosaurs once traversed Wyoming’s lands. A large collection of fossil dinosaur footprints in the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite tell us that these archaic creatures were on public land 167 million years ago. And apart from paleontology discoveries, Wyoming’s roots stretch into American western culture. Learn more about why Wyoming is home to the American Cowboy at museums such as the Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody Firearms Museum, Draper Natural History Museum, and Whitney Western Art Museum

3. Breathtaking Wyoming Scenery

During every Wilderness Adventures trip, Wyoming’s scenery takes our breath away. The sights are stunning from the snowy caps of the Grand Tetons to the range of red and yellow colors reflecting off the rocks of Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. Each national park offers activities from hiking, to rock climbing, to paragliding for year-round adventure. Immerse yourself in spectacular views through unique activities that bind you closer to nature’s wonders.1993 Tetons behind bus

4. Welcoming Wyoming Communities

Quaint towns are dispersed throughout Wyoming. More often than not, people who live in Wyoming are known to be friendly and eager to meet tourists and those traveling through. Towns are decorated in old-fashioned decor, giving a vibe of historic cowtowns. Wyoming’s hole-in-the-wall restaurants also offer unexpected deliciousness, serving up plates of steak and potatoes. Cookouts are a community staple, gathering friends and neighbors together.

5. Peaceful Wyoming Ambiance 

In a fast-moving and tech-driven country, it’s difficult to find a place in America that isn’t demanding your attention electronically. That’s why we and many others are thankful that the sound of the Cowboy State is quiet and peaceful. If you’re hoping to unplug and detach from screen time, Wyoming is the perfect place. Enjoy a night of playing board games as a family or enjoy your coffee in uninterrupted silence with a view of the Granite Hot Springs

The Wyoming Mountains Are Calling

Give your kids and teenagers an experience they’ll talk about for years. Get them off the couch and into the great outdoors of Wyoming. Wilderness Adventures has numerous wilderness programs in Wyoming, including our Wyoming day camp. Your child will be able to grow their skills, gain new friends, and test their boundaries.

We hope you’ll join us in Wyoming! Contact us today regarding any questions, and check out our trip list to learn more about what we have to offer.