5 Reasons To Choose Wilderness Adventures

By Wilderness Adventures October 7, 2015

Since 1972, Wilderness Adventures has been offering unique outdoor adventure experiences to teens world wide. Since Wilderness Adventures was one of the original teen adventure programs, we have become a model for other teen adventure camps over the years.

With all the teen adventure camps out there, it is important to understand what we have to offer and what separates us from the rest. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Wilderness Adventures:

  1. We are a family. Not only are we family owned and operated, but we also take a hands-on approach to all of our teen adventure camps and trips. As parents of teenagers, we work hard to ensure every student that enrolls in our programs are taken care of, and given the same attention that we would give our sons.
  2. We offer unmatched experiences. Since our beginning, we have had more than 22,000 students has participated in over 2,100 trips, which makes Wilderness Adventures more experienced than any other teen adventure program.
  3. We offer small group sizes. Every one of our trips is designed around the age and challenge level of the student, as well as keeping our group sizes small in order to provide the best possible experience. Each group is typically comprised of 10 to15 students, with 2 to 3 highly qualified and experienced leaders in each group.
  4. We offer exclusive destinations. Wilderness Adventures is one of the only outdoor adventure programs that is licensed to operate its domestic programs in exclusive locations within federal lands, national parks, and wilderness areas across the country.
  5. We have limited use of sub-contractors. Since Wilderness Adventures has obtained the necessary permits required for activities such as hiking, backpacking, and kayaking, we require the use of sub-contractors only when absolutely necessary. We at want you to find comfort in the knowledge that your children are in the care of their group leaders as often as possible while on their trip.

Wilderness Adventures is dedicated to ensuring every student is provided with a fun and exciting once-in-a-lifetime trip. Visit us to see what kind of adventure we can offer today!