Work at Wilderness Adventures

Working for Wilderness Adventures offers the opportunity to experience a wide range of exciting locations, cultures, and remote wilderness areas.
Group Staff Photo in front of the Tetons

Applications are now open for our 2023 summer season!

Seasonal Positions

Wilderness Adventures is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

Trip Leader

Wilderness Adventures is looking for leaders who will be a positive influence on their participants, devoted to supporting student growth and education, and create a fun, non-competitive environment in which students can thrive. If you are looking for a summer filled with adventure, growth, and impactful connections, apply now.

Must be 21+ years of age.

Trip Counselor

Each summer, Wilderness Adventures hires around 10 Trip Counselors. These are individuals that will act as trip leaders but who are 18-20 years of age. Trip Counselors receive the same compensation and benefits as trip leaders but are not able to drive vehicles on trip.

Must be 18-20 years of age.

If you are interested in the Trip Counselor position, we highly encourage you to join us on a WALI Gap Semester program first! 

Base Camp Counselor

Base Camp is looking for counselors who will be positive role models for their campers. This is the ideal summer job for teenagers in Jackson Hole who are looking to grow their leadership skills, work on a team and go down the occasional Slip and Slide.

Ages 15-20