Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount: $500 off your 2020 trip tuition

We are excited to offer our Early Bird families $500 off their 2020 tuition. See details below:

-To qualify for the discount, student application must be submitted and paid for IN FULL before 11.1.2019
-To pay in full, families may submit a check to WA (postmarked by 10.31.2019) or pay the balance on their credit card (3% fee applies)
-The full payment amount is refundable until 12.1.2019
-The tuition payment, less the $1,000 deposit, is refundable until 3.1.2020
-The full payment becomes non-refundable after 3.1.2020

If you would like to opt out of the Early Bird Discount pricing, just let us know! We are happy to remove the $500 discount. If you opt out of the Early Bird Discount, your statement balance will be due on 3.1.2020.

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