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The WA Team is working tirelessly so that our students can continue to adventure, even during the ever-changing world that we are living in.
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We believe that the ability to get outside and connect has truly never been more important than it is now – after seemingly endless months of staying home to help our communities stay safe. We invite you to review the resources below and we hope that you will decide to join us for an adventure this year!


Why WA in 2022?

Each year, we talk with our families about why Wilderness Adventures is right for their child. This year, we know that families are rightfully concerned about the Covid-19 pandemic and how we will conduct our programs this upcoming season. Consequently, we are often asked, ‘Why WA, this year?’

  • A history of success during Covid-19. For WA, programming during a pandemic is not new. When we welcome students to their program this upcoming season, families will be reassured to know that we have been running day programs since June of 2020, and overnight programming since July of 2020. As we have conducted programming, we have learned what practices are best for our community of students and we have adapted.  
  • A program based in wild spaces. Our programs have always been developed to maximize the outdoors and pristine wilderness eco-systems for our adventures. Being in the outdoors greatly mitigates many of the risks associated with the spread of Covid-19, making our programs an ideal location for your adventurer. 
  • Small groups are the foundation of our community experience. Our small group size, call it a pod or a cohort, is the model that defines the WA experience. It is also a model that has been adopted by many during this past year to mitigate the risks associated with Covid-19 transmission. 
  • Realistic and thoughtful approach to risk mitigation. No matter the year, the health, safety and wellness of our students is always our highest priority. Consequently, we approach our role as risk mitigators with thoughtfulness and realism and we work tirelessly to implement the most current policies in our programming. 
  • Finally, we are committed to youth development. As such, we know that children right now, more than ever, need the experiences that Wilderness Adventures offers. Consequently, we have reshaped our programs, always with our students health and wellness in mind, to give them the best possible experience this season. 


Key Considerations for Families

UPDATED: December 2021
*COVID Policies and Protocols for 2022 Summer Trips is evolving and enrolled families will be advised of updated information when it is available.

NOTE: The landscape of Covid-19 is ever-changing. As this pandemic continues to evolve, so too will our policies to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 impacting our participants, staff and programming. In our commitment to all of our families, we want to advise you on our policies well in advance of your intended program with Wilderness Adventures. If and when these policies are updated or altered, we will advise all impacted families on the changes. As we operate programs on a year round basis, we are continuously updating these policies. We always strive to update our policies 2-3 months prior to the start date of the trip, and communicate those policies with our participants. 

Prior to a WALI Gap Semester Program:
We ask that all participants provide WA with proof of full vaccination against Covid-19. Vaccination is required for participation in Gap Semester Programs at Wilderness Adventures.

Upon arrival:
All students will be subject to a health screening, and may be required to take another Covid-19 test depending on the policies of the destination state/country.

In the event of a positive test:
In the event that a participant tests positive for Covid-19 while on their adventure, or needs to be quarantined, WA will notify parents and WA will coordinate the care and location of the student’s quarantine. In these cases, it will be the responsibility of the participant’s family to cover any additional expenses related to this quarantine.

Prior to a Wilderness Adventures Overnight Program:
We require that all participants on international programs provide WA with proof of full vaccination against Covid-19. We also require that participants are in compliance with all travel requirements of the countries you will be visiting as well as requirements imposed by the United States to re-enter the country. These expectations will be communicated to you by your Regional Coordinator and may change over time as federal and international travel restrictions and policies change.

Students participating on domestic  overnight programs are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated prior to their participation on an adventure with us. If you have not been fully vaccinated you will be subject to our testing requirements (see below).   

Please utilize the Health History form in your CampInTouch account to provide vaccination information. 

Testing Prior to Our Overnight Programs
All students who are not fully vaccinated (final dose of the Covid-19 vaccination received 14 days before the start of the program) will be required to submit a negative test result from a PCR. This PCR test must be administered 72 hours or less before the start of the program. Test results must be submitted to WA via our Covid PCR Test Form

Students that have been fully vaccinated will not be required to submit a negative PCR test result. 

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 within 90 days of your trip start date, you will not be required to take a PCR Covid test before your trip start date but you will be required to submit documentation from your physician confirming the date of your positive diagnosis. If you tested positive for Covid-19 more than 90 days before the start date of your program, a negative PCR Covid test will be required.

Prior to a Day Program with Wilderness Adventures:
We do not require testing or a vaccine for our day programs. However, participants may be subject to health screenings and we kindly request that if you or your child is exhibiting symptoms of any illness that you opt out of that program for the day.

Masks, social distancing and enhanced cleaning protocols.
Masks and extra personal hand sanitizer are required for all participants and are included on our pack lists. Students should know that when they come on their adventure there will be times when we require a mask; however, their outdoor adventure will also provide ample time to have fun without a mask. We also will be practicing social distancing throughout the trip, and have incorporated enhanced cleaning protocols into all of our adventures.

Refund Policies
To learn about our refund policies this year please visit our Terms and Conditions 2022.

Questions and concerns call us: 307-733-2122

Potential Issues on Programs – a sampling

We provide below, a sampling of the variety of issues in this fluid travel environment. We monitor travel updates for all our destinations and we ask that you do the same. If you are traveling internationally, we recommend monitoring the U.S. State Department resources, including STEP, the WHO, and other government resources as your adventure approaches. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is an invaluable resource. Whether you are traveling internationally or in the U.S., we recommend that you continue to monitor the CDC and your place of residence travel, testing, quarantining or other requirements, and stay abreast of the changing issues in your travel location.

International and US locations – testing and quarantining:

In addition to our testing requirement, participants going on international adventures will be subject to the traveling protocols that are in place for the country/countries we are traveling to and/or those we travel through. This may include a COVID-19 test or a health screening upon arrival. In all cases, our students will have to take a test before coming back to the U.S. Participants may be subject to further testing while on their adventure, dependent on country requirements.

In addition to our testing requirements, participants will be subject to the testing protocols that are in place for the U.S. state or states we are traveling to or through. This may include a COVID-19 test or a health screening upon arrival. Participants may be subject to further testing while on their adventure, dependent on U.S. travel location requirements.

a. Positive test and/or quarantines: In the event a student tests positive for the coronavirus, or simply because of a change in location requirements during our travel, a student or our whole group may be required to quarantine at their current location (be it in the U.S. or abroad). In such a case, WA will coordinate the care and location of a student as well as the student’s or group’s quarantine, including any necessary flight or travel changes. However, families will be responsible for the additional expenses related to the COVID sickness and/or quarantine, including but not limited to medical care, accommodations, transport, meals, evacuation or other costs.

b. Testing or quarantine requirements for traveling into and out of your place of residence (whether your residence is in the U.S. or in another country): Families are solely responsible for learning and staying up to date on the testing and quarantining requirements of their place of residence, whether their adventure takes place in the U.S. or an international location This includes but is not limited to: type and timing of tests required and any quarantining requirements associated with participants departing from or arriving back to their place of residence.

Airlines or other vendors, at any point in a WA adventure, may have COVID related restrictions, testing or vaccine requirements, quarantining in the event of a COVID-19 sickness or other requirements that may delay or impact your adventure – including forcing us to cancel.

We don’t know if a COVID vaccine will become available to young people. If a travel location or a vendor – such as an airline, imposes a vaccine requirement for travel, this may require us to cancel a trip. At this point, we do not anticipate this as a barrier for our 2021 adventures but will continue to assess the situation.

Students with proof of a fully completed vaccine will not be required to get a PCR test before their program. In this case, please contact the WA office before your trip start date to arrange submission of documentation. Additionally, fully vaccinated students will not need to quarantine in the event of an exposure.

All WALI Gap Semester participants are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Before we depart or after we arrive on a WA adventure, COVID-19 related issues or simply other factors may impact the nature of activities we are able to engage in, places where we have planned to say, modes of transportation or other itinerary issues. As always, be prepared for pivots, and come with an open mind!

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Click on the resources below to learn more about the policies put in place for all 2021 programs

Accolades for Pandemic Response

Wilderness Adventures’ Base Camp was honored to be the winner of the Small Business of the Year award in 2020 by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce for providing invaluable outdoor resources to kids during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our entire team is so proud of the great work that was accomplished during this difficult time to ensure outdoor opportunities for our campers!

Wilderness Adventures was recognized by the Wyoming Business Council for our efforts to get kids back together in nature, for serving our local community and for continuing to advance our programming throughout the pandemic. The full profile can be viewed here.