Yellowstone Adventures

By Wilderness Adventures July 2, 2013

Yellowstone has shown its most vibrant colors in the past four days as the sunny skies overhead still shine. Since we last left off, we’ve delved deeper into this remarkable wilderness. After journeying on the low-lying lake we headed to higher altitudes for a better look over the trees. Fast and graceful we all flew from point to point as we ziplined through the alpine forest. Such a unique experience was thrilling for everybody.

After padding down our wind-swept hair we boarded boats again for an exhilarating white water excursion. Our rafts took us safely down powerful rapids whose big waves cooled us in the hot Yellowstone sun. In the calmer parts of the river we were able to take a nice dip and frolic in the soothing eddies.

Once our boats were ashore and paddles turned in, we settled for the night in the quaint and beautiful Mammoth Hot Springs area. The complexion of the landscape at sunset wowed us all.

The next day we were prepared for our backpacking experience and our second visit into Yellowstone backcountry. There is no better way to become acquainted with the fascinating and untouched life of the wilderness. On our trek in we said hello to elk, prong horned antelope, and plenty of burrowing squirrels. Once camp was set we shared stories around the fire as the stars flickered in the dusk, and the peacefulness of the place dawned upon us.

The next day we took a enjoyable day hike to a wonderful lake tucked away in the foothills. Here, we ate lunch, played games, and adored the cool turquoise water of the natural swimming pool. Returning to camp we listened to the calming lull of the flowing river and sipped tea and hot chocolate as we reminisced about the day. That night we were confident enough to forgo our tents and sleep under the stars.

We are happy to say that the group bonds have only become stronger since our last update and each participant has contributed even more life and energy.

Ty is an excellent hiker who even offers to carry other people’s loads when they become tired. His dedication to group morale is highly admired.

Ellen brings a kind and light-hearted attitude to our group activities, always smiling and engaging all members of our group. Her presence makes us feel relaxed and optimistic.

Jack does not have a pessimistic bone in his body. He is kind, sensitive, and positive in all that we do. His energy is warming and is always sure to make us smile.

Owen is always enthusiastic about whatever lies ahead, and reflective on what has past. He is able to find a good in everything and communicates through a good sense of humor.

Julian is frequently found laughing and cheering others up. He also proposes unthought-of games and activities that provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

Craig is both relaxed and entertaining, going with the flow of things and making people laugh along the way. We all appreciate is loose nature and well developed humor.

Thomas clearly puts others before himself in all situations. His helpful personality and consistent concern for group moral demonstrates his outstanding character.

Reilly Grace knows just when to share her many stories and life experiences. She expresses them with confidence and eloquence that please those especially around a campfire.

Lindsay is doing a great job of making friends with everyone on our trip. He is eager to relate to others, making himself an easy and enjoyable character to talk to.

BGray remains calm, collected, and positive in everything we do. If you listen close enough you’ll also hear him making quick witticisms that crack up everyone around.

Akane lights up to the scenes of nature. Her appreciation and respect of the wilderness is apparent both in and out of camp. Her relationship with the wild has grown tremendously.

Simms continues to allow his formidable outdoor skills to build upon our experiences. Whenever there is a difficult task to be done we can trust on Simms to find the way.

Evan has enjoyed all of our activities, especially white water rafting. His enthusiasm encourages others to take a similar perspective, building team unity and coherence.

It’s been a marvelous trip here in Yellowstone National Park, filled with dazzling sights and wonderful people. Our group had bonded so well it will be hard to say goodbye, but in the closing days we will be sure to maximize appreciation and love for the outdoors and each other alike!