Wildlife-rich Adventures

By Wilderness Adventures May 10, 2012

Connect with the coolest animals in their natural environments on these great teen adventures.


Since 1973, we’ve been connecting young people with the outdoors in ways that build passion and wanderlust for the natural world. Part of how we do that is by visiting and having fun in the most beautiful environments on the planet. For example, our teen adventure programs climb inspiring peaks in the Tetons and the Alps, hike through the most pristine wilderness environments in North America and raft thrilling whitewater all over the world. However, nothing brings nature to life like the chance to spot rare or abundant fauna in their natural habitats. Thankfully, students on any of our amazing teen adventure programs have the chance to experience a diverse array of awe-inspiring animals. Here are a few examples.


Humpback Whales make their migration route up the west coast of North America to spend the summer in the waters off southeast Alaska and Chichigof Island. Discover this majestic species up close and in person while sea kayaking on our Alaska Southeast and Alaska Community Service Adventures.


Manta Rays populate the waters of many of our offshore adventures, but the warm waters of Hawaii’s Kona Coast are known for their abundant and stunning Manta Ray population. Learn to SCUBA dive with these majestic creatures on our Hawaii Kauai Leadership Adventure.


Llamas are the iconographic figures of the Incan Empire. While not technically a “wild” animal, these domesticated creatures have long served as a transportation and food source for the Andean people, and serve as the present-day lawn mowers of the Machu Picchu citadel. Follow in their hoof-steps on the Peru Community Service Adventure.


Sea Turtles are a delight to all of our students visiting Costa Rica, where they have the chance to participate in a valuable and rewarding service project that protects both the turtles and their natural habitat. The sea turtle is a rare and protected animal that is vital to its underwater ecosystem and needs our support. Help and learn on our Costa Rica Community Service Adventure and our other great adventures to Costa Rica.


Blue Footed Boobies (and other evolutionary oddities) await in the Galapagos Islands. Discover Flightless Cormorants, Giant Tortures, Lava Lizards and the footsteps of Charles Darwin on our Ecuador Galapagos Community Service Adventure.


Coral are technically non-living structures built- and populated-by tiny marine creatures known as Polyps. Off the coast of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is the planet’s largest structure constructed by a living creature. Experience it while learning to scuba dive on our Australia Fiji Adventure.


Bison are as synonymous with the American West as the Cowboy and Yellowstone National Park. Experience Yellowstone, the last of the Old West and Bison (plus a whole host of other creatures along the front row of the “American Serengeti”) on any of our adventures visiting Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park.


For these, and other great animal adventure sighting opportunities — including the chance to spot Kangaroos, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Antelope, Moose and Wolves — call our wildlife experts in our Jackson Hole headquarters. We connect young people with great experiences to build unforgettable adventures. 800-533-2281