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Why Your Teen Should Learn Outdoor Survival Skills

By Wilderness Adventures March 10, 2022
Wilderness First Responder Certification Course

As a parent, you have always been there for your child—offering them advice and guidance when needed and supplying them with, well, pretty much everything. Preparing them for a self-sufficient future by providing them the opportunity to learn practical and useful knowledge is perhaps one of the most important gifts you can give them. 

Start Here 

Summer adventures are the epitome of FUN and with school out for the summer, there are so many new experiences your teen should take part in—ones we know they will really love. But, mother nature isn’t always nice, so your child needs to be prepared in both mind and supplies for the many different situations that could occur. 

When they embark on a journey like the ones we offer at Wilderness Adventures, they not only learn the survival tips and tricks that our parents and grandparents shared with us, like “be prepared with the right gear” and “take note of your surroundings and always keep your head on a swivel,” but they put these skills to use. You never know—this knowledge could someday save their life. Think about it: No one ever knows that they are going to need to be able to make a fire using just twigs or how to find clean water until they are truly in desperate need

Encourage Them to Embrace the Challenge 

Wilderness survival skills aren’t always easy to learn and they take a lot of practice, but when your child is able to learn from passionate and patient experts, the process is a great deal more fun and rewarding. In the teen years, a child’s mind is the most open and curious it may ever be. The ability to absorb information is frankly astounding and there is so much for them to learn! Watch your child’s capability and maturity develop as they are provided with the tools they need to become more independent human beings capable of solving problems. If they can do it in the wilderness with a stick, a rock, a knife, and a rope, they can do it anywhere with anything. 

Consider This Added Bonus 

Encouraging your teen to get outside and exploring nature forces them to break away from the tech world that surrounds them. An abundance of recent research has proved that social media takes a harmful toll on young adults as it is linked to anxiety, depression, bullying, and self-insecurity. Unplugging from the internet and taking a break from the cyber world as they learn these outdoor survival skills will allow them to build confidence and understanding of themselves and the world while making friends and timeless memories. 

Check Out Our Adventures 

Wilderness Adventures is dedicated to developing life and personal skills for your teen. Students are challenged to have a global perspective and have strong interpersonal skills. Through the outdoor survival skills learned on Wilderness Adventures programs, students can achieve a higher level of self-confidence. With WA being among the most experienced and respected outdoor adventure programs for teens, learning survival skills in the wilderness will be fun! Students will grow closer to nature and we know they will thank you for signing them up