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Why Custom? What WA Can Offer.

By Wilderness Adventures January 31, 2024
Group of students on a school camping trip

At Wilderness Adventures we firmly believe that the world could use more WA campfires – a time to gather at the end of the day to debrief adventures, sing songs, tell stories, listen to others from different backgrounds, and practice vulnerable sharing of hopes and goals for the future. While we offer trips of varying lengths, featuring different activities and locations, sometimes the perfect trip doesn’t line up for everyone. So, we have a way to ensure you get to be around the WA campfire, and that’s through our custom programming

Before finding my way to Wilderness Adventures, I was a high school math teacher. The highlight of each school year was the week-long backpacking trip I got to go on with students in the fall. There is no greater way to build trust, rapport, and sound relationships with others than by taking away screens, putting on packs, and heading into the woods. We laughed together, we sang songs together, we complained about our feet and shoulders together, we cooked and ate together, we wrote letters to our future selves together, and we didn’t think about school together. To this day, the students I am closest with are those I went into the woods with, and this was all thanks to WA custom programming. 

Maybe one of the following fits you: 

  • A middle school teacher hoping to take the 8th graders on a backpacking trip to enhance their leadership skills before the school year starts. 
  • A youth minister yearning to get their kids out of town, into the mountains, and maybe on a service project or two. 
  • A parent whose kids have so many friends and the best time for everyone to go to Yellowstone is at a different time than what’s in the current trip offerings. 
  • A summer camp director with participants who are too old to be campers but too young to be staff members and all you want is for them to continue developing their leadership skills while staying connected to the camp community. 
  • Someone else? 

Because of our strong desire to get more folks around the WA campfire, we will do all that we can to make a custom program fit the needs of your group. Let’s chat and design the perfect experience for your group! We know it can be overwhelming to start, but we are here to chat. Just pick up the phone and give us a call (307-733-2122). That’s your first step towards your next best adventure!