What’s Old Is New

By Tom Holland November 15, 2016

I used to teach US History and American Government. In the study of history, we look to the past and realize that much of history is cyclical and trends come up over and over again. I love history because I love looking back and imagining what is must have looked like or felt like to be at some place or some time in the past.

At Wilderness Adventures, we value history as well. In 1973, Mike and Helen Cottingham started this adventure with a van (the Bluegoose) and a handful of students from Cincinnati. The group did a lengthy summer tour of the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. With backcountry wilderness adventures along the way, their summer was filled with endless miles of trails that summited peaks, forded rivers, and represented a time when the camp experience in American was defined by programs that were longer than four weeks.

As we value history, and because many of our alumni have requested longer programs, we are excited to launch our Great Northwest adventure for the summer of 2017, our 45th summer! This is a ‘throwback’ like none other, as you make your way from the Tetons to the North Cascades, down the Snake and the Salmon Rivers, climb Mt. Baker and explore the Olympic peninsula. Forty-five days in length, the excitement will be unmatched as we celebrate the thousands of alumni that came before us.   It will also be peppered with some fun and surprises that only a 45th anniversary celebratory trip could bring.

As we launch this trip, we get to make what was old new again. For us, history will repeat itself as we seek to replicate those long summer adventures of a time gone by. Unfortunately, the Bluegoose sailed her last voyage years ago, and fortunately, our backpacks have have evolved so that they do not leave blisters on our hips. But, we know that a throwback photoshoot for our 45th will be necessary! So bust out those old wranglers you would never hike in and we’ll supply the 70’s soundtrack in the van!   Come be a part of our adventure as we make history!