Trips WA Office Staff Would Lead

By Wilderness Adventures February 12, 2014

Don’t get us wrong – living and working in Jackson Hole, WY is a blessing! But sometimes, especially in these winter months, we get wistful about summer and all the amazing trips we are working so hard to plan! Ever wonder what the WA staff would lead, if they could? The following trips are a taste not only of what we here in the office are dreaming about, but also some of the best and most exciting trips we offer! Read on to get excited about summer….


Mike Cottingham, WA’s Co-Founder and Co-Program Director would lead:


Alaska Southeast: “This is an amazing trip, with beautiful scenery and picturesque backpacking. My favorite part, though, is the sea kayaking. Sea kayaking around Chichagof Island is ideal and you are absolutely guaranteed to see whales. Up close and personal kayaking with whales is the ultimate in Wilderness Ventures experiences.”


Helen Cottingham, WA’s Co-Founder and Co-Program Director would lead:


Paris to Rome Bike: “I would absolutely love to cycle from Paris to Rome! I just love biking, it is so fun and such a great way to exercise and really enjoy myself thoroughly at the same time. To cycle through the Alps and across the Champagne region would be an absolute dream. And you know both the food and the sights would be to die for!”


Trent Hultman, WA’s Executive Program Director, would lead:

European Alps: “The sheer beauty of the Alps along the Tour Mt. Blanc and Haute Route, the amazing food, sightseeing in Paris at the end of the trip, and getting to meet people from all over the world make this trip a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


Pacific Coast Bike: “This is one of the signature bike routes in the States. Getting to see the Redwoods and traveling along great moderate to challenging terrain makes this a fantastic trip. The culmination of riding across the Golden Gate Bridge into the Presidio would be unforgettable.”


Big Sky: “Glacier is simply indescribable if you have not been there. The diversity of activities on this trip is awesome, but backpacking in the Anaconda Pintlers is just the best. It is such a hidden gem and so beautiful.”


Adrian Croke, WA’s Rocky Mountain Regional Director, would lead:

Alaska: “Nothing is better than watching what Alaska does to young people. It will change them forever. I went to Alaska on my WV trip as a kid, and I have never been the same. Every landscape in the Alaskan backcountry is epic. No matter how old you are or what you’ve got going on at home, when you’re in Alaska, you’re just there. And that is so powerful for kids and for leaders. And the longer the trip, the better, and this is the longest backcountry trip we offer.”


Montana Wyoming: “This trip is just so sweet. Every time I look at the itinerary and plan the routes, I wish I could be there. To do two backpacking sections – one in the Winds and one in the Spanish Peaks, and then climb the Grand, and then whitewater kayak for four days? And to share that experience with 13 boisterous and excited teenagers? Heck yes.”


Tanzania Service: “While I was living in West Africa, I spent two weeks traveling in Tanzania, and the people and the landscape are unforgettable. The beaches on Zanzibar are like a movie set – the Indian Ocean is the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen in my life. The Masai are such an impressive and truly removed culture, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be in their presence. To lead this trip would not only instill a lifetime love of traveling in any teen, but also a keen understanding of the importance of cultural immersion.”


Evan Giles, WA’s Admissions Director, would lead:

Montana Fly Fishing: “I love fly fishing.  This trip is an amazing opportunity to fish the blue-ribbon waters of Montana… fishing on the Madison and then in the Pintlers and the Beartooths would just be so sweet. And, our fly fishing trips are just the best. They always have such a good time, hanging out, backpacking, and fishing. What could be better?”


Utah Mountain Bike: “I love mountain biking and Moab is basically mountain biking Mecca. And you get to ride Park City which is the world’s first and so far the only Gold Level Ride Center Destination according to the International Mountain Biking Association. Ride on.”


Costa Rica Surf School: “It would be awesome to learn how to surf in Costa Rica along side a group of kids, I think it’d be super fun. Costa Rica sounds amazing, especially just being out on the beach and surfing a ton…especially since it’s currently 6 degrees and there’s a foot of snow on the ground.”


Bridget Campbell, WA’s Western Regional Director, would lead:


Oregon  Cascades: “I think it’s the best two-week trip we’ve got.  Everything is in the Bend area and it’s all so close.  The Three Sisters are an amazing area to backpack in and then having an overnight rafting trip and the climbing at Smith Rock.  No travel/prep days, all activity!”


Alaska College/Mount Rainier: “Because they are both awesome!  And I did them as students and have always wanted to lead them, as well.”


Jordan Colston, WA’s International Regional Director, would lead:


Kilimanjaro: “It is a bucket list item of mine to climb Kili, and I have always wanted to go to Africa! I love how we venture up the Rongai route and venture down the Marangu route allowing us to see two very different sides of the mountain.”


Ecuador Galapagos Service: “I think it would be amazing to give back on the Galapagos islands. A treasure that might not be around much longer. And giant tortoises, need I say more?”


New Zealand: “The discovery and exploration of both islands would be so awesome. I love all the mixture of activities and culture that is happening on this trip. Also skiing in their adventure mecca in Queenstown, and seeing baby seals swim, not a bad way to spend your summer!”


By Adrian Croke