Trip Spotlight: Alaska

By Wilderness Adventures May 31, 2016

DSC02256To explore beyond the reaches of our imagination, this summer we will travel to The Last Frontier… Alaska. Seemingly conjured out of a storybook full of grand landscapes, wild animals, and adventure so special it must be lived to believed, Alaska doesn’t disappoint and keeps us coming back year after year.

This summer, Wilderness Adventures will seek out magnificence on several Alaskan adventures and we are hoping that YOU will join us!

Alaska Southeast
Ages: 9-12 graders
Length: 21 days
Activities: sea kayak (with whales!), backpack, whitewater raft, ice climb

Alaska College
Ages: 12-12+ graders
Length: 21 days
Activities: backpack, sea kayak, Wilderness First Aid certification

Alaska Southcentral
Ages: 9-12 graders
Length: 28 days
Activities: backpack, glacier trek, ice climb, hike, sea kayak, whitewater raft

Alaska Two Week
Ages: 9-12 graders
Length: 14 days
Activities: sea kayak, whitewater raft, backpack