Tips For A Safe And Successful Camping Adventure

By Wilderness Adventures July 10, 2015

With the summer season, comes the perfect time to experience the great outdoors. And what better way to do so than camping! Wilderness Adventures wants you to have the time of your life by providing you with helpful tips to prepare you for your safe and successful camping adventure:

Be sure to have functional gear. Your camping gear will either make or break your camping trip. In order to have a great time, be sure to check your gear, ensuring it is not only functional for your camping needs, but it is also in working order. By setting up your tent, zipping and unzipping your sleeping bag, and checking your propane stove to ensure all are in working order, your chances of avoiding a camping mishap greatly decreases.

Plan for the weather beforehand. It critical to know the weather forecast before making your trip, helping you to better understand what type of gear you may need in order to be well prepared for those particular conditions. By ensuring your tent has a rainfly or by bringing bug spray, you will be better prepared for conditions, such as a summer storm.

Make a packing list. Making a list is not only helpful to you, helping you to know what to bring, but it as equally important to know what others may be bringing. This help to avoid any important gear from being left behind, as well as avoid over packing or doubling up on unnecessary or heavy items, especially when backpacking is involved.

Get to know your surroundings. Once you make the decision to set up camp, it is critical to know where you are and your surroundings. This will help to prevent mishaps such as unwanted visitors, such as wild animals, from entering your camp or surrounding yourselves by poisonous plants.

Do your research. Before heading out on your camping adventure, it is important to do your research, understanding if you need a permit to camp, if you need to pay a fee to camp, or if your campsite requires a reservation.

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