This Summer: Enjoy the Magic of Climbing a Snowcapped Volcano

By wpdev February 21, 2011

The Pacific Northwest offers some of the most spectacular clusters of adventuring environments in the world. There are few regions on the globe where you can experience desert, rain forests and snowcapped peaks within a few miles of each other. These dormant volcanoes and their surround environments inspired us on our first summer of adventure programming in 1973.

Mt. Rainier: at 14,410 feet, Mount Rainier is the highest and most beautiful volcano in the Northwest. Climbing this peak is a goal that most people wait their entire lives to accomplish. You can summit this majestic peak in your teenage years. Few words can describe a sunrise at 12,000 feet, or the amazing views from Canada to California as we summit above the clouds. This could be the most memorable experience of your life! Offered to 9-12th graders on our Cascade Olympic Adventure since 1974 to over 2,400 students.

Mount Baker: At 10,781 feet, Mount Baker is the northern-most and one of the most heavily glaciated volcanoes in the Cascades range. Enjoy, beautiful views from the summit of the San Juan Islands and the Canadian Cascades. Offered on our Northwest Adventure and our Washington Mountaineering Expedition, both open to students grades 9th and up.

Mount Adams: At 12,276 feet, Mount Adams is a perfect introduction to snow climbing. Here we combine spectabular wilderness backpacking with this brilliant climb on our Northwest and Cascade Olympic Adventures, open to students 9th grade and older.

The South Sister: The youngest and tallest of the Three Sisters Volcanoes that dominate the skyline of the Three Sisters Wilderness, where our groups have been exploring the Pacific Crest Trail for the past 38 summers, the South Sister is a spectacular, non-technical, but snowy, ascent with unmatched views from the top. Offered to grades 8 and up on our the Pacific Northwest and Oregon Adventures and grades 9th an older on our Idaho Oregon Adventure.

Mount St. Helens: Hike to the summit of beautiful Mount St. Helens, peer into its famous, steaming crater, then glissade (slide) down its snowy slopes on our Puget Sound Adventure, ideal for 7th and 8th grade students.

In founding Wilderness Ventures, we sought out operating permits in the places we’d long considered the most spectacular protected lands and wilderness areas on the planet – places that couldn’t help but inspire a lifelong love for the natural world and the lessons of community leadership and stewardship that come intrinsically from positive, nurturing, fun interactions in a world of natural splendor.

Today we are proud to offer outdoor adventures that, in complement to their broad variety of fun, substantive programming, afford students of any experience level the joy and accomplishment of summitting a towering, dormant volcano in the Pacific Northwest. These exciting climbs, their careful instruction and supervision, are tailored to the age of each of our groups.

As with all of our adventure activities, no prior experienced is necessary. Please call to discuss these wonderful, introductory mountaineering opportunities — sure to be a highlight on the best summer of your life.


Mike Cottingham