The Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking A Vacation

By Wilderness Adventures June 4, 2014

Summer is upon us, as is vacation season. Sadly, many families do not take this time or have the resources available to take a family vacation. However, there are many benefits that come from taking a vacation that many people do not recognize.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider taking a much-needed vacation:

Reduce your stress. Often times, vacations are necessary in order to fully reenergize yourself, mentally and physically. With the stresses of life and work, by taking a timeout from deadlines and technology you can give your brain a break and enjoy the greater things in life, like your family.

Enrich your relationships. Vacations are a good way to good way to strengthen family relationships. Not only will you make memories that will last a lifetime, but you will also be provided with the opportunities to learn new skills or gain a new interest.

Help your health. Not only do vacations improve your health by reducing your stress, but they also provide you with all the free vitamin D your body could ever want.  Vitamin D is an essential vitamin in supporting your immune and nervous systems, as well as maintaining healthy bones. By planning outdoor activities on your vacation such as hiking, biking, or swimming, you can help your health by ensuring your body is receiving its required dose of vitamin D.

It allows you time to play. Play is not only critical for children, but is just as equally important for adults as well. Since play is perhaps the single most important factor in happiness, but can bring much-needed balance to our busy lives.

Enjoy once in a lifetime experiences. Vacations are the perfect way to experience things that you may never have the opportunity to experience again. Whether it be experiencing the Wonders of Grand Teton, or floating on the Snake River, there is an adventure out there waiting for you!

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