Outdoor Education

The Benefits of Fly Fishing

By Wilderness Adventures March 31, 2023
Fly Fishing in Wyoming with trout

Fly Fishing– an age-old American pastime experiencing a renaissance right before our eyes. As the spike in popularity rises and with more gear shops and hobbyists than ever, now is a great time to jump in and learn the sport. This idyllic western activity aligns with the same values that we believe in and live here at Wilderness Adventures – community, leadership, and the natural world

Even with the recent boom in popularity, the art of fly fishing remains a small, niche and tight-knit community within the outdoor industry. Anglers have a unique relationship with and appreciation for the land and water that we recreate in. Not only is there a shared joy in pursuit of fish, but half of the fun is exploring and appreciating the beautiful winding rivers and ice-cold creeks where the fish reside. These special places bring people together in their pursuit of wild trout. Whether it’s wandering creek-side with old friends, or a passing “any luck?” in the parking lot, the fly fishing community is welcoming and ever-growing. Your local fly shop is a great place to meet new people that share the same passion for the sport. In the shop, you can learn from experts who have dedicated their whole lives to fishing and are happy to help you out in your journey, whether that be pointing you to new sections of water, recommending the right flies to use, or just swapping stories of being out on the water.

Natural World
What keeps so many people coming back for long days in the water, rain or shine, is the connection to nature and the environment they’re immersed in. Being a skilled angler means being in tune with the nature surrounding you and knowing about fish behavior– what they do and why they do it. These two things go hand in hand as the weather and natural features in and around a waterway dictate what the fish will do, where they’ll be, and what they will be more likely to eat. The more you know about the area you’re in, the better angler you can be. For instance, here in the Grand Teton/Yellowstone area, there are many world renowned fisheries such as the Snake and Madison Rivers. In the summer, if you can learn about the area and “match the hatch” there’s a great chance to get big dry fly eats all day where the fish are flying out of the water just to eat the fly at the end of your line. There is nothing quite like it!

In any outdoor activity, there is opportunity to develop as a leader, and fly fishing is no different! It takes instruction and collaboration with your group to figure out the puzzle of where to go and which flies to use. Due to how variable everyday on the water is, input from everyone is valuable, not just from your more experienced anglers. Everyone notices something different and has valuable observations to bring to the table. This provides a lot of opportunity for people to step up and have their voice heard in this uniquely individual and group activity. 

There hasn’t been a better time to try out fly fishing than right now. As with any new endeavor, it can be intimidating to start. However, if you make that jump you will quickly find a great community of like-minded people. If you ever need help starting, take a visit to your local fly shop and chat with the experts behind the counter, or even consider joining one of the fly fishing trips that Wilderness Adventures has to offer! Our programs will teach you everything you need to know and will get you catching fish in no time!