Taste for Adventure

By Wilderness Adventures March 28, 2013

Since 1973, Wilderness Ventures students have been enjoying delicious meals that fortify the body, feed the imagination and fill the soul. Our great meals are the culmination of 41 years of experience leading the most amazing outdoor adventures on the planet. Each of our meals teaches students about nutrition and helps students develop cooperative leadership skills. Additionally, many of our meals help our students enjoy a new culture and environment through each of their five senses.


Food and Nutrition

Whether it’s backpacking amongst the geysers of Yellowstone National Park, Sea Kayaking between glaciers in Alaska or working in the remote Andean villages of rural Peru, each of our meals is both nutritious and plentiful. We eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, enjoy ample portion sizes and make sure that our meals are appealing to the teenage palate. Since our adventures are active in nature, we always have plenty of extra food and snacks on hand so that our students will remain fueled for fun.


Cooperation and Leadership

Food intimately ties into our educational model for leadership and team development. Because we do most of our own meal planning, shopping and cooking, our students learn to work together to prepare great meals thanks to our trusted curriculum and the careful direction of our nurturing leaders. Students work together in cook crews to plan and prepare wonderful meals for the entire group. We always eat as a group, and enjoy our meals in a “family style” setting — helping to bring our small group closer together as a team throughout the journey.


Culture and Environment

Whether it’s enjoying the rich, fishing traditions of Seattle, Washington, the cafes of France’s Chateau region or an Old West dining experience in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, our meals connect our groups to the destination and its culture. When appropriate, our groups even enjoy interactive cultural cooking classes — on organic farms in Thailand and with special guest chefs on our Language Adventures in France and Spain. No matter where you choose to adventure, you’re certain to depart having swallowed a literal flavor for the region.


In the age of ready-made meals and fast-moving modern life, we believe in the increasing importance of enjoying nutritious meals that teach life and leadership skills while connecting us to our environment and culture. Since 1973, over 21,000 alumni have enjoyed countless tasty meals in the most beautiful environments on the planet. We invite you to join us this summer on one of our amazing adventures. Select spaces remain on many of our leadership, community service and bicycling adventures in North America and around the globe. Call 800-533-2281 to learn about the best summer of your life.