Student Service Adventures

By wpdev June 1, 2011

– Teen Service Opportunities From Wilderness Ventures

Wilderness Ventures, the worldwide leader in Student Outdoor Adventures since 1973 still has remaining space on a few selected Student Service Adventures. Our student-oriented community service adventures for teens, allow our students to earn between 40 and 80 hours of community service while immersing themselves in fun, substantive adventure activities in the most breathtaking environments on the planet.

Our student service adventures blend physical and cultural adventure with meaningful environmental and social service projects in the US and around the globe. We offer the highest quality student service adventures for teens in Alaska, Hawaii, Yellowstone, Fiji, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador and the American Southwest. While most sections of our service adventure programs are full, we do have one or two spaces remaining for qualified students for the following student service adventure programs:

Alaska Service Adventure: 21 days

Hawaii Service Adventure: 22 days

Yellowstone Teton Service Adventure: 22 days

Southwest Service Adventure: 15 days

Costa Rica Service Adventure: 22-day and 14-day options available

Ecuador Service Adventure: 22 days

Peru Service Adventure: 22 days

For date-specific availability on these and other summer outdoor adventure opportunities for teenage students, please call 800-533-2281, or visit