Slideshow Preperations Underway

By wpdev October 5, 2010

Snow has once again capped the Teton Mountain Range. Every year at this time the WV adventure camp team sets to work making preparations to visit WV families, friends, alumni and prospective students on our two-month tour of the country this upcoming January and February. Believe it or not, our teen adventure camps are a year-round endeavor. Soon after the last adventure camp has completed in mid-August we begin preparing for the next unforgettable summer of teen adventure opportunities.

This fall, teen adventure camp staffing coordinator Shauna Nacewicz is making preparations to head out on the road and to recruit the best outdoor adventure leaders in the country — visiting top tier universities and with excellent, experiential-minded teachers who have a strong passion for working with teens in an outdoor setting. This past summer we had over 800 highly qualified teen adventure camp staff applicants and were only able to offer employment opportunities to a fraction of those outdoor professionals.

Many of us in the office are busy with teen adventure program planning for 2011. Every year, at the end of the summer, we sit down with each of our adventure camp leaders and discuss improvements and tweaks that we can make to our 38 years of teen adventure programming experience. While we are the oldest and most experienced teen adventure program on the planet, we know that creating the best teen adventure programs requires constant improvement and tweaking. We’re also excited about putting together new and exciting programs, most of which we’ve been scouting and planning for fairly consistently over the past 5 years.

One of the biggest efforts every year is the assembly of our 2011 teen summer program catalog, which takes a monumental cooperative effort from everyone in the office. When the catalog is published in early November, it will be a 100-page artistic manifestation of the breadth, depth, power, fun and magic of our teen adventure programs. Each fall, we focus on the important goal of having our teen summer program catalog in the hands of our alumni families and prospective students by Thanksgiving.

Many families who are too excited to wait have begun applying for our 2011 teen adventure programs already. For insider information on our upcoming 2011 teen summer programs (and to secure your adventure before they begin filling this December), give us a call at 800-533-2281.