Selecting Your Adventure

By Wilderness Adventures April 3, 2013

A quick guide to discovering the best summer of your life.


With our wide range of amazing 2013 adventure opportunities, searching for the perfect experience can seem a bit overwhelming. However, selecting your adventure can actually be simpler than you think. Follow these steps, and make this summer the best summer of your life.


1. Explore the activities, environments and destinations you’re most excited about. Our adventures are the best way to learn new skills in exciting places with a great group of people. Whether its sea kayaking with whales in Alaska or rock climbing in Grand Teton National Park, learning about our activities and destinations is sure to wet your appetite for a great summer season.


2. Consider your age and availability. Each program is constructed to form a tight-knit group of great young people. With age-appropriate adventure opportunities, we’re able to place a strong emphasis on finding the right fit for each student. With trip lengths ranging from 13 – 46 days, we’re sure to have the perfect experience that will fit into your schedule. (A note about selecting trip length: while all of our trips are both substantive and inspiring, we encourage you to choose the longest trip that your summer schedule will allow; we promise you won’t be ready to go home on the last day.)


3. Discover your opportunities. Our website is a rich source of information where you can learn about our programs through photos, videos, detailed descriptions, day-to-day itineraries and interactive maps. We also invite you to call us at our office in Jackson Hole to discuss the ways that each particular opportunity can be a great fit for your child.