Seize the Day!

By Tom Holland February 14, 2017

My experience at Wilderness Adventures years ago instilled in me a spirit of adventure and a desire to continue to seek out new opportunities when they present themselves. This spirit led Catherine and me to Teton Valley Ranch Camp, then onto the American Camp Association. Most recently it has led us back to Jackson Hole to Wilderness Adventures. Now, the spirit of ‘Carpe Diem’ has grabbed us again, as we look to expand the brand of Wilderness Adventures to a new audience: 1st through 5th graders!

This week, we are proud to the announce the launch of Wilderness Adventures’ new summer day camp program: Base Camp. The camp will be located at Snow King Mountain and will occur over 7 weeklong sessions this summer.

Since 1973, Wilderness Adventures has called Jackson Hole home. In that time, we have expanded our scope to be a truly worldwide organization with students coming from all parts of the planet to experience our programs. This year, we were presented with an opportunity to partner with Snow King mountain to introduce Wilderness Adventures to a younger audience in the truly perfect outdoor setting of Jackson Hole.

We have worked with Snow King for years to execute parts of our traditional programming. Consequently, when the opportunity arose to work with them to provide daily outdoor adventures to an audience from Jackson and to those who will be visiting this iconic destination, it was just too great of an opportunity to pass up. This expansion will not affect the overall scope or offerings of Wilderness Adventures’ traditional programming. In fact, we will be bringing on additional staff members to help bring the quality of programming to Base Camp that has come to be a hallmark of our programs.

Most importantly, we look forward to providing younger campers an adventure in the same spirit of Wilderness Adventures. Our days at Base Camp will be filled with outdoor adventure, fun and traditional camp activities. Like our Wilderness Adventures trips, our campers and their families will feel the sense of community that happens in every morning and evening circle. We would love to thank Snow King and all the Jackson families that challenged us to ‘seize the day!’

To learn more about what a Base Camp will be like, check it out here!