Photo Contest Winners Announced

By wpdev September 2, 2009

One of the best parts of finishing another successful summer season is the opportunity to look at all of the amazing photographs that our groups capture in the field. This year, our groups set new records — both in terms of artistic quality and overall quantity. It’s hard to believe that in just eight weeks, our groups took nearly 21,000 photos and made exponentially more memories.

Over the past couple of weeks, the WV office staff took the time to look at each and every photograph, rating each trip’s photos on several different metrics, including how fun the trip looked, the quality of group shots, the inclusion of iconographic sites in photographs and (most subjective) the general awesomeness of the photos taken. We’ve included a few different slideshows here; the first is a mixture of some of the better photos taken on our adventures this summer. And while we’d love to award prizes to everyone, the next three slideshows contain photos from our overall first, second and third place photo contest winners.

First Place Overall:

Yellowstone Wilderness Expedition, 7/16 – 8/6(All trip members will receive a WV Patagonia Fleece Vest and an iPhoto Album depicting their expedition.)

Second Place Overall:

Jackson Hole Adventure, 7/4 – 7/25

(All trip members will receive a WV Crazy Creek Chair and an iPhoto Album depicting their adventure.)

Third Place Overall:

Alaska Southeast Adventure, 6/23 – 7/13

(All trip members will receive a WV Trucker-style Hat and an iPhoto Album depicting their adventure.)

Honorable Mention:

Cascade Wilderness Expedition, 7/3 – 7/18

(All trip members will receive an iPhoto Album depicting their expedition.)

Other Recognized Groups

Here at the WV office in Jackson Hole, we spent many pleasurable hours looking at and ranking photos. Picking our favorites was certainly a monumental task. Because there were so many photos that were so amazing for so many different reasons, we couldn’t help but mention the following trips for their excellent photographs in each of these categories.

Fun Factor: Cascade Olympic 6/23 – 7/16



Well Rounded Depiction of the Entire Trip: Grand Teton Adventure, 6/22 – 7/13

Quality of Group Shots: Yellowstone Teton Explorer, 6/22 – 7/7

Sense of Place: Yellowstone Teton, 7/28 – 8/12


General Awesomeness: Ecuador Galapagos Service Adventure, 7/2 – 7/25