Our Alaska

By wpdev February 11, 2011

No one knows Alaska quite like we do here at Wilderness Ventures.  In 1977 we became the first program for young adults to take students from the lower “forty-eight” to the Land of the Midnight Sun.  Our original eight-week program there became the first to backpack over the Chilkoot Trail into the Yukon, the first to canoe 500 miles down the Yukon River, the first to backpack through Mount McKinley National Park, and the first to sea kayak among the whales and glaciers of Glacier Bay National Park.

Today we offer six different magnificent program offerings from two-weeks to six-weeks in length, with trips designed specifically for junior high, high school and college age students. Our Alaskan program choices are varied from introductory explorations to more challenging sea kayaking and ice climbing opportunities and we even offer a combination of wilderness exploration and service.  All of these wondrous experiences provide splendid scenery and loads of magnificent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Our long history in Alaska has enabled us to acquire several unique and coveted federal operating licenses, which enable us to take our students to places no one else can go.   So, if you really want to experience the most spectacular tidewater glaciers or see more humpback whales than you can count, we can offer far more than all the other similar appearing programs for young adults.  Explore the Land of the Northern Lights on these amazing trips.

Alaska Two-Week (16 days for students finishing 7th and 8th)

Alaska South Central (24 days for students finishing the 9th and up)

Alaska Southeast (21 days for students finishing the 9th and up)

Alaska (36 days for students finishing the 9th and up)

Alaska Service (21 days for students finishing the 9th and up)

Alaska College (21 days for students finishing 12th and up)