Opening Day in Jackson Hole

By wpdev November 30, 2009

While Saturday didn’t offer the waist-deep powder that we’re used to here in Jackson Hole, the Wilderness Ventures office staff was still out enjoying the slopes on Saturday for the resort’s opening weekend.

“Saturday was a great chance to get out and enjoy our beautiful, backyard environment,” says WV office staff member Josh Mallonne, “Even if the snow wasn’t deep, it’s important to take the time to get outside each weekend. Skiing gives me a great excuse to go out and get some fresh air.”

While we dedicate all of our professional energy to planning the best teen summer adventure camps on the planet, we’re certainly lucky to be able to experience the beauty of the Tetons year-round. As far as recreational activities are concerned, most WV office staff members would agree that skiing is the best thing about the winter months in Jackson Hole.

Outside of Jackson Hole, the best part of our winter lives is the chance to visit with the countless families, Alumni, and prospective students that attend our teen adventure camp slide presentations each January. “Giving slide presentations — the opportunity to meet with so many wonderful families — is undoubtedly the highlight of our winter months,” says Mallonne, “The excited look on everyone’s faces as they look forward to the summer months always reminds me why we spend so many months carefully planning the best wilderness adventures possible.”

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