Multiday Rafting Adventures With Wilderness Ventures

By wpdev February 1, 2012

Wilderness Ventures, the worldwide leader in student outdoor adventures, offers several multi-day river rafting components that allow teen adventure trip groups to experience the best outdoor environments in the world. On a Wilderness Ventures adventure, students can experience the magic of Oregon, Idaho, California, Colorado, Alaska, Costa Rica and Fiji during an overnight whitewater rafting adventure.


The teen whitewater rafting trips available to Wilderness Ventures students explore some of the most coveted river environments on the planet. For example, Idaho’s four-day Salmon River trip is objectively considered the best whitewater rafting experience in the northern Rocky Mountains. Aside from running amazing rapids, the river meanders along beautiful sandy beaches that are lined with dramatic canyon walls. These secluded banks are perfect for enjoying an afternoon game of beach volleyball before digging into a tasty river feast.


As the original teen outdoor adventure program, Wilderness Ventures has been leading world-class rafting experiences with small groups of teenagers for the past four decades. The first Wilderness Ventures rafting trip was on Oregon’s fabled Deschutes River – a trip that Wilderness Ventures students continue to enjoy to this day. Running northward through the Oregon forests and desert to the Columbia River, the Deschutes is one of Oregon’s most popular (and coveted) whitewater rafting experiences.



Of course, an overnight rafting trip is one of the many ways that Wilderness Ventures trip groups experience the beauty of another country. WV students can raft out of the Peruvian Andes and into the Amazon rain forest on the Apurimac River; through the Fijian interior on the secluded Napo River; and, along Costa Rica’s Pacuare River, raft one of the most iconographic stretches of whitewater in Central America.


Certainly, safety is paramount on all teen whitewater rafting trips. All Wilderness Ventures rafting trips utilize the experience of the region’s best professional river rafting guides, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the experience as well as providing additional adult supervision to complement the presence of our own, highly trained and experienced outdoor leaders.


Each multiday whitewater rafting experience is part of a multi-activity adventure that explores a diverse array of splendid environments in each trip’s destination. For example, on the High Sierra Adventure, students spend three weeks exploring the wilds of California. They make positive associations with wild lands and memories that will last a lifetime while backpacking in Yosemite National Park, snow climbing Mount Shasta, surfing the waves of Half Moon Bay and whitewater rafting the Klamath River.