Life Skills Acquired At Wilderness Adventures Will Take You Far

By Wilderness Adventures April 3, 2014

As the school year draws to a near, many families are starting to plan their summer vacations and trips. Before planning a trip for the family, think about enrolling your kids in an adventurous summer camp where they will have the opportunity to see and do things they could have never imagined. Many young people are so wrapped up and dependent on technology and social media. Now is the time to give them a chance to be detached from society and go out and see the beauty of nature.

Wilderness Adventures has adventure packages for both young and old and accommodate the interests of many. Not only will your young teen have the chance to see parts of the country that some people only get the chance to dream about, but they will discover new and interesting things about themselves, others and the world that they never knew existed.

Many who come on our explorations develop new life skills that will carry on with them for many years and will be useful in college and any future career. Others realize that they want to make a career out of something they experienced while on the trip such as marine biology, photography, or studying another language.

Participants in these programs will engage in activities from going on a wildlife safari, canoeing, bicycling, kayaking and backpacking. They will learn important life skills as well as learning how to survive with limited supplies while in the wilderness. Our programs each have different characteristics and cater to specific activities or places that may peak the interest of many young teens.

Our experienced leaders will teach young people the importance of teamwork and students will be faced with challenges that will test their strengths, help build their confidence, encourage open communication, display courage and much more.

Wilderness Adventures has this and much more to offer young students interested in learning more about the environment and exploring themselves.