How To Go Green With Your Gear

By Wilderness Adventures June 18, 2014

Your trip is booked, but now comes the hard part…packing. Luckily, with an adventure trip through Wilderness Adventures, you will be provided with a list of all the necessary items you will need for your trip. However, we do have some helpful tips on how you can go green when packing your gear.

Borrow from your friends. Instead of running out and purchasing gear you may only use a few times, it is always a good idea to consider asking your friends or family if they have things you can borrow.

Use your old gear. Often times we get caught up in the idea of shiny, new things, but it is not always necessary to purchase new gear when you have perfectly good gear sitting at home.

Rent your gear. Another great green, and affordable, option is using a rental program. Places like REI and Sports Authority will often rent out gear for hiking, camping, and snowshoeing. Just contact your local stores to see if this program is available to your area.

Buy eco-friendly products. There may be situations in which you will want or need to purchase your own gear, especially if you will be using it frequently. In the event that you do decide to make that purchase, in order to stay as environmentally friendly as possible, always look for items that are eco-friendly and made by using a more sustainable materials and approach.

When taking an adventure with Wilderness Adventures, most of your gear will be provided. Although we do have sleeping bags and backpacks available for rent for our domestic trips, most students do prefer to bring their own. As your travels dates approach, we will be sure to send you a full packing list. In addition, it is critical to ensure that your clothing is not only functional, but weather appropriate as well.

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