Hello from Moab!

By Wilderness Adventures July 14, 2013

The entire group has just successfully completed mountain biking in Moab while learning everyday how to improve their riding abilities.  Jeff and Sarah are so excited to see improvement in every rider while handling the trails wonderfully. Ben continues to be a master at technical riding and Emilio rides all parts with confidence. Quattro is so cheerful and excited that he keeps the group energized.  Madison glides down the hills smoothly and J.T. rides as if he was born to be a mountain biker.

After our last day of mountain biking in Telluride (7/11) we spent a nice evening cooling off on a short hike to a waterfall. Mark, our mountain bike guide in Telluride, accompanied the group to the waterfall. It was spectacular! The group enjoyed standing in the the falls to cool off.

The next morning we went rock climbing (7/12) by Highway 145 just outside of Telluride with our climbing guide Dave. The group mastered the rocks and soared up to the sky. We set three belay systems up and everyone had a chance to try all three sections. Madison was our rock star and made it to the top of each climb. Way to go! Dave then taught the crew how to belay and each individual had a chance to practice tying a figure eight knot and belaying. Quattro had such poise when belaying that he even astounded Dave. The last part of our day of climbing included learning how to repel down a rock wall. Very impressive and a great skill to learn for future rock climbing endeavors.

After leaving Telluride, CO we spent three hours in the van driving to Moab, UT. Here we had a wonderful two days mountain biking with Tim from Moab Cyclery. We experienced everything from dirt singletrack, slickrock riding, and sand in Moab. Everyone handled themselves like professional mountain bikers and are continually improving their skills. Most importantly the group is enjoying the riding and always ask to go longer.

Yesterday (7/13) we spent riding the Moab Brand trails which includes a variety of skill levels. We stuck to the easy and intermediate trails and even rode on slickrock for three miles. Madison carried a walkie-talkie as leader of the day and made sure the group stayed safe and were hydrating. Good job Madison!

After our morning of riding we went swimming in a nearby creek. Perfect for an afternoon break and lunch area! The group named the stream the Quattro Slide as we enjoyed swimming through the water and splashing the leaders. The water felt wonderful! After an hour or swimming and resting we went back to camp for dinner.

Today (7/14) we spent riding in an area called Klondike Bluffs. These trails gave students a variety of challenges including sand, rocks, and biking. it was the first time we rode through sand and each person did their best to ride through the sand. J.T. was leader of the day today and also kept the group safe, cheerful, and hydrated. Ben continues to make jokes and helps keep spirits high. Last but not least we even saw dinosaur tracks at the end of our ride!

Our campsite in Moab is nestled in between a creek next to the grocery store and Moab Cyclery. We have running water, soft sand, bathrooms, and shade! We found a basketball for the boys to play with, a favorite activity of Emilio.

Students are looking forward to white water rafting tomorrow in Fruita as well as mountain biking in Keystone. While it has been fun in Moab, the mountains are calling!