Greetings from Yellowstone National Park!

By Wilderness Adventures July 24, 2013

We’ve done so much since our touchdown in the Jackson airport, it’s hard to believe we’re only getting started! In fact, just by our first van ride we already saw herds of grazing elk and bison. And after a smooth first transition into camp lifestyle, we shared dinner and a warm fire that rose into a night sky, undaunted by the hazy light of the city.


During our orientation day we explored the Moose Visitor Center and were dazzled by its high quality exhibits and wonderful architecture. For lunch we made our way down to the stony shore of Jackson Lake where we played games and filled our stomachs. Then we dove in! the lake’s cool turquoise water was supremely refreshing. Then we set out on our first hike around Colter Bay, where the Teton Mountains seemed to emerge from the lake, overtaking us with their untouched beauty. After a scenic sunset we trooped back to yet another clear night sky at the Colter Bay campground.


Waking up early we all were excited to begin exploring the unique and bizarre geothermal features of Yellowstone Park. Top on everyone’s list was Old Faithful Geyser whose eruption we witnessed twice. We explored the nearby geyser basin, filled with hot springs, bubbling pots, and misty sulfur. At each stop we learned about their formations and the organisms that give off their many vibrant colors. We then checked out the Old Faithful Visitor Center before heading to our new campsite where we enjoyed a wholesome dinner and a few campfire tales.


Our group is proving to be a tight knit family of friends, and each participant plays a vital role.


Garrot is a natural born leader who does not hesitate to step in when help is needed. Not only is he enthusiastic about assisting fellow campers but often the counselors as well. He is full of fun energy that brings the group vivacity and happiness.


Brooks has a great sense of humor that the whole group can appreciate. Often times we find him cracking himself up which spreads contagiously. He has adapted well to a wilderness lifestyle, and proves to be adventurous wherever we go.


Ethan has a peaceful spirit that puts others at ease. At camp his inputs are insightful and encouraging, and during our adventures he allows the calmness of nature to resonate within. He also shows a healthy curiosity about the environment and the wildlife within it.


Wellesley is a joker, and a good one at that. She is always keeping things interesting with quip remarks and funny noises. It seems a cloud of laughter surrounds her wherever she goes! Wellesley is excited to be camping and offers a lot of energy in and around camp.


Cooper has shown confidence in himself and confidence in others. He never hesitates to take initiative at camp and to assist others in completing tasks. His selfless nature has been a great asset to forming a cohesive group dynamic.


Jack brings positive energy in everything he does. We can tell that he is genuinely interested in all activities done and to come. In camp Jack is found making others laugh, and his positive attitude brings optimism to the whole group.


George shows compassion for all the members of our group, making an effort to befriend everyone. He never hesitates to speak his mind and to join in the jokes and laughter. George is very knowledgeable about the world and readily shares with everyone.


Charlie’s fascination with the natural world couldn’t be more apparent. On the trail he is seen observing every microcosm and wondering about every organism. At camp he shares what he has learned throughout the day in a enthusiastic way.


Walker has done well in all of our activities so far which inspires others to do the same. While hiking he was ahead of the pack and offered words of encouragement to those behind. In camp he is energetic and excited to unite the group in all endeavors.


Coleman is a wholesome member of our group. Never does he hesitate to step into a leadership role, assisting campers and leaders alike. He has shown a genuine character, positive attitude, and striking ambition in and out of camp.


Tessa has been very personable from day one, engaging everyone in light-hearted conversation. She is sensible and compassionate, and that makes others feel comfortable around her. She has also shown a pleasing curiosity towards the unique Yellowstone landscape.


We are very grateful for the experiences we have had, and look forward to those to come. The group is already working together with great fellowship, and we can’t wait to see where it leads us in the fascinating destinations of the Yellowstone/Teton wilderness.