Grand Teton First Backpack Complete!

By Wilderness Adventures July 1, 2013

Hello from the Bridger Wilderness! We’ve just completed our first back country section, a 6-day backpacking journey leaving from Scab Creek and making our way from 8,200 to 10,600 feet!

Everyone is doing great! We spent our first full day in Jackson hiking in Grand Teton National Park, completing a 4 mile hike up to Hidden Falls.  After the hike a few brave souls decided to swim in String Lake, the water was freezing. That evening after a delicious chicken stir fry dinner, we had a campfire with smores and the kids got a chance to learn more about one another. 

Before heading into the back country we had to brave the grocery store so that our cook crews could all plan and shop for their back country meals.  The meals so far have been excellent including dishes like chili, spaghetti, burritos, macaroni and cheese, and chicken pesto pasta. 

During our backpacking trip we covered close to 30 miles.  We made our way up to Middle Fork Lake where we got breath taking views of the snow covered mountains.  The campsites were all beautiful and set beside gorgeous lakes. The group has really been coming together, everyone is breaking out of their shells and opening up.  We have a wonderful group of guys who are all willing to help one another out. 

Scottie, Matthew, Eli M, and Jack all helped navigate the group using topographic maps when they were leaders of the day.  Charles, Dylan, and Eli S. hold the title for best back country meal with their delicious burritos.  Paul’s hilarious one-liners keep us all laughing, and Drew’s willingness to help out with anything has been really appreciated.  Luke’s constant enthusiasm is contagious, and has really helped to bring the group together. Griffin and Jonathan have been very curious, asking lots of questions to learn new skills and about the environments we’re camping in.  Even though it’s Felix’s first time backpacking, he’s learning very quickly and has already led the hiking group for part of the day.

Ethan and I have been incredibly impressed with the groups determination and perseverance.  We’ve had a fantastic time so far, and we’re all very excited to hit the showers and do some laundry.

Tomorrow, we’ll head up to Yellowstone National Park for our three-day sea kayaking section.  We will be in touch when we return.


Over and out!

Grand Teton 1

Katie & Ethan