Giving Back with Wilderness Adventures

By Wilderness Adventures February 19, 2014

2013 Community Service Successes at Home and Abroad, Part 1


Dominican Republic Service

At Wilderness Adventures, we pride ourselves on working with only the best subcontractors and organizations, as well as providing meaningful and significant service experiences for our students. On the Dominican Republic Service trip, we work with the world-renowned Dream project, which aims to break the cycle of poverty in the Dominican by providing sustainable education programs for the youth of the country.


This past summer, one of our groups helped in breaking up and sweeping away old cement in order to pave a new path and “a cement patio at Dream Project’s Montessori School located in Caraballo, a Dominican and Haitian community of extreme poverty.”

Jess Dakajos and Ian Halderman, the Dominican Republic Service leaders, reported that “each family [in Caraballo} survives on less than a dollar a day.” They were then able to paint and decorate the patio along with the resident students, which is always a fun project for everyone! As the students were wrapping up their project, a tropical storm came through, giving the group the chance to rise to the occasion and give some much-needed immediate help to the area.  Under the guidance of The Dream Project, the group continued their service work in a shelter for flood victims. They helped to organized closets, put doorknobs and new locks on doors and reorganize rooms in the building for the flood victims to seek shelter. The group felt as though this was extremely meaningful to the community during their time of need.


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By Adrian Croke