Fly Fishing Camps for Teens by Wilderness Ventures in partnership with WorldCast Anglers

By wpdev February 15, 2012

With operations that straddle the Tetons, WorldCast Anglers is the Northern Rockies’ premier fly fishing education program. Their Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guides are charismatic, caring and are highly knowledgeable about capturing the best catch of the region.

WorldCast Anglers’ works with Wilderness Ventures to provide the most renowned fly fishing adventure program available to today’s teens. Of course, Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole Wyoming and Montana’s Beartooth mountains put three of North America’s best fly fishing environments into one, accessible destination – explored entirely by our Yellowstone Fly Fishing program. But a fantastic fly fishing camp for teens relies on more than a great venue; it’s the inspiring attitudes, passion and charisma of both the WorldCast guides and Wilderness Ventures leaders that bring fly fishing to life for our students.

In small groups such as those on a Wilderness Ventures trip, the caring, individual attention paid to each member of the group is an essential part of what makes for a successful and enjoyable experience for each student. WorldCast Anglers’ guides have a great deal of experience working with young people, and know that inspiring a lifelong passion for both fishing and the outdoors requires a heightened level of patience and caring.

It’s one thing to have knowledge about a sport. It’s quite another to understand the nuance of that sport within a given environment and destination. One of the reasons Wilderness Ventures partners with WorldCast Anglers is that their Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guides have such a wealth of knowledge about the environments that we visit on our Yellowstone Fly Fishing Adventure.

On the 16-day fly fishing camp, Wilderness Ventures students learn the fundamentals of fishing in Jackson Hole before embarking into the Yellowstone backcountry to apply their skills – capturing species such as Rainbow trout and Arctic Grayling amongst the numerous blue-ribbon streams that thread through the wilds of Yellowstone National Park. Next, the students turn their attention northward to the high country of the renowned Beartooth Mountains; adjoining Yellowstone National Park, the Beartooth Mountains offer some of the best fly fishing opportunities in North America. Finally, for their culminating adventure, students enjoy an authentic drift boating trip down the famous Snake River – an essential experience for any fly fisher vising the Rocky Mountain West.

The two-week Yellowstone Fly Fishing Adventure is conducted twice each summer. This inspiring and enriching fly fishing adventure camp is open to new and experienced fishers.