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Do Something Wild, Inside!

By Tom Holland March 20, 2020

March 20, 2020

Dear WA Families,

The past few weeks have rattled all of us. As parents ourselves, we are now working to embrace the new reality of homeschooling, social distancing and keeping our four kids active, energetic and hopeful during this unsettling time. 

For our eldest, who is enrolled in her third WA trip this summer, and for many of the students we have heard from in the recent weeks, the hope of a summer of adventures and friendships on the trail with Wilderness Adventures is a beacon of light for them in their days. We, too, remain excited about those adventures, as we feel the importance of the trips this summer will be higher than ever before for the children in our programs.

So, while we are using the weeks and months ahead to continue to monitor the evolving situation as it pertains to all our programs, our team of Do Something Wild experts want to be there for our students, today! In the anticipation of the summer ahead, and with the spirit with which we tackle each day, our team wants to support your student during this time.  

How? Wilderness Adventures has always been a place where our students are exposed to new ideas, inspiring role models, beautiful places and fun activities. While we are currently staying apart from each other, we stand together with you. This spring, we will be uploading live videos of fun challenges, wilderness skills, and our favorite backcountry cooking recipes to help keep the new ideas and creative activities flowing for your family. Every Thursday, starting on 3/26, we will be going live at 1pm MST with a new video for you and your family to enjoy. 

We want to help ensure that you and your family stay happy, healthy, and properly challenged to Do Something Wild! 

Stay tuned for more information on these videos and more challenges coming your way this spring on our Instagram and Facebook page

Stay safe and healthy, and think summer!


Tom and Catherine Holland