Developing Students’ Life Skills With Our Adventures

By Wilderness Adventures February 4, 2016

Wilderness Adventures is dedicated to developing students’ life skills. With our once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventures not only can we help to develop students’ interpersonal skills and foster a global perspective, but they also enhance their abilities to focus, especially when they return to the classroom setting.

Interpersonal Skills

Since we offer small groups, in combination with our nurturing staff and thoughtful curricula, we will work to empower our students to take more of a leadership initiative. This can be accomplished through cooperation with others, which will help them to achieve a higher self-confidence.

With a new set of leadership skills, our students will have an enhanced sense of what it means to live in a community, making meaningful and lifelong friendships along the way.

Global Perspective

Wilderness Adventures strives to expand your global perspective. From discovering the ancient redwoods of northern California, sea kayaking with majestic whales in southern Alaska, or immersing yourself into the cultural history of Yellowstone National Park, our adventures will integrate environmental and cultural stewardship, all the while participating in fun and rewarding activities.

Attention Span & Focus

Since Wilderness Adventures is the most experienced and respected outdoor adventure program for teens, we know how to turn the wilderness into a fun and inspirational classroom. It is without electronics and technology, we can help students the ability to slow down, increase concentration, which will help them to better focus, especially on the school year ahead. From practicing problem solving, to inventive thinking, we will bring students closer in touch with the natural world, all the while having the best summer possible.

Wilderness Adventures has been providing students with exceptional outdoor adventures since 1973. Visit us for more information and to see the variety of outdoor adventures we can offer your student today!