Connect Coast to Coast and Paris to Rome with Crossroads Bicycle Tours

By Wilderness Adventures February 28, 2013

This summer, two fantastic bicycling adventures offer once-in-a-lifetime rides across Europe and America. Pedal Coast to Coast or Paris to Rome.


Coast to Coast Bicycling Adventure

Traveling from Washington, DC to the California Coast by bicycle is the best way for any young person to discover America. Meeting up in Washington, we’ll get to know each other better while preparing for our journey — tuning up our bikes, taking a few practice spins around the national mall and stretching our legs for the monumental journey ahead. Pedaling across the Potomac into historic Virginia, we’ll bid goodbye to the Atlantic as we set off towards that other shining sea. These first few days of our journey will be full of excitement and discovery as we ride through historic revolutionary battle sites, grow closer as a team and become accustom to the rhythm of life on the bike. Each evening, we’ll pull up to a beautiful, secluded campsite, unpack our bikes, cook dinner and enjoy a hearty meal around the campfire before crawling into bed.


With our legs strengthened and our minds motivated — thanks to good exercise, tasty food and a supportive team — we’ll begin our climb across the Appalachian mountains, culminating with a victorious ride over the tallest mountains in the East before taking a refreshing rest day in the Blue Ridge town of Damascus, Virginia — known affectionately as “Trail Town, USA.” Crossing the Mississippi River, we’ll enter the nation’s heartland with rewards of open vistas, endless views and the confidence that comes from making it halfway through our journey before beginning our climb towards the Rocky Mountains. Crossing Colorado’s Wolf Creek Pass, we’ll descend into Durango and onward to the Grand Canyon, where we’ll take a day-off to rest and savor the views before pedaling the last leg of our journey to arrive victoriously in fittingly-named Oceanside, California.



Paris to Rome Bicycling Adventure

Well-developed trails, cultural diversity and abundant natural beauty make Europe a “go-to” cycle touring destination. No route captures the best of the European continent like the pedal from Paris to Rome. We’ll travel together (if you choose to) to Paris and enjoy a cultural day in the city while we get accustom to the time change and shake the drowsiness out of our legs with a stroll along the river Seine. Departing south into France’s Champagne Valley, we’ll get used to life on the bike as we practice our skills, build our leg muscles and strengthen our bonds as a team. Each evening, we’ll enjoy tasty meals, fresh, countryside campsites and the company of other travelers before crawling into bed. Each morning, we’ll enjoy fresh bread and a hearty breakfast before embarking on the day’s ride.


As we make our way south, we’ll notice the topography changing as we get closer to the mountains. Entering the Alps, we’ll cross into Switzerland. During each day’s ride, we’ll enjoy beautiful mountain scenery, alpine-blue lakes and rich, mountain culture before making the thrilling descent into Italy’s Tuscany Country. Taking a break in the village of Como, Italy, we’ll enjoy an afternoon swimming in the beautiful mountain lake before continuing south to Rome. At the conclusion of our wonderful journey, we’ll ride to the Mediterranean to enjoy a victory jump into the emerald waters.


The Paris to Rome and Coast to Coast Bicycling Adventures are two amazing teen bike touring adventures available through Crossroads Bicycle Tours, the rolling arm of Wilderness Ventures, which pioneered the concept of teen outdoor adventure travel with their first trip in 1973. Over 21,000 alumni have experienced the magic of a Wilderness Ventures journey. Discover, Europe and North America on a bicycle while participating in the Coast to Coast, Paris to Rome or one of our many other great teen biking adventures suited to beginning, intermediate and experienced cyclists.