At Wilderness Ventures, We Know Our Whales

By Wilderness Adventures May 18, 2012

Discover the earth’s largest mammals on a magical Wilderness Ventures journey. While many of our fantastic leadership and teen adventure camps contain substantive marine biology components, few adventures compare to the chance to get up close and personal with whales. Several of our fantastic marine biology summer camp destinations offer the opportunity to experience several species of whales in their natural habitat.


Alaska: land of big glaciers, large mammals and endless daylight.

Wilderness Ventures was the first outdoor student program to offer teen adventures in Alaska. Our adventure opportunities in the land of the midnight sun combine lush forests, icy glaciers and pristine waterways to offer the most integrated, enjoyable and substantive teenage programs in Alaska.


By far, the best whale watching opportunities in Alaska occur near Chichagof Island and Icy Strait where, because of our accrediting relationship with the National Park Service and the Tongass National Forest, we have exclusive, accredited rights to offer overnight sea kayaking experiences in the most incredible whale watching environment on the planet.


Sea Kayaking is by far the best way to get up close and personal with whales. While paddling the fjords of the inland passage in southeastern Alaska, you’re likely to see humpbacks, minkes and orcas. Wilderness Ventures founder and program director Mike Cottingham has many fantastic whale watching memories and photos from years spend paddling with both his sons and Wilderness Ventures trip groups in southeastern Alaska.

Experience the whales of southeastern Alaska on these fantastic leadership and marine biology summer camps.

Alaska Southeast Adventure: backpack the Yukon, whitewater raft the Blanchard River, ice climb Alaskan glaciers and sea kayak with humpback whales.

Alaska Community Service Adventure: sea kayak with humpback whales, explore historic Juneau, rebuild Alaska’s trails, whitewater raft the Blanchard River and see the rugged country by bush plane.


Transportation Note: while sea kayaking is the most immersive, rewarding and exciting way to discover and experience whales in their natural habitat, Wilderness Ventures journeys are known for connecting great people, activities and environments. Each of our leadership and marine biology summer camps in southeastern Alaska sea kayak with whales in the pristine waters near Chichagof Island; however, these sea kayaking experiences are 5-day components of a larger journey involving trekking, rafting, cultural discovery and environmental stewardship. To connect these environments, we use the most efficient and fun means of transportation possible – the classic Alaskan bush plane. Flying allows us to connect multiple environments and activities on our adventure and offers a breathtaking perspective on what is already one of the most stunning environments on the planet.


Other Great Whale Watching and Marine Biology Summer Camp Destinations.

For more inspiring whale watching, visit these environments with Wilderness Ventures.

Cape Cod: land of light houses, maritime tradition and iconographic whaling history. Experience it on our Cape Cod Bike Adventure.


Puget Sound: land of temperate rainforest, lush tree canopies, dramatic mountains and the San Juan Islands. Experience it on our British Columbia, Puget Sound, Pacific Northwest, Cascade Olympic and Northwest Adventures.