America’s Cup Sets Sail — and so can you.

By wpdev February 5, 2010

Starting Monday, the world’s most prominent sailing race departs from the Spanish coast. With electronic controls and rigid vertical airfoils (replacing cloth sails) that exceed the wingspan of a 747 giving the competing craft unprecedented mechanical advantages, this year’s race has been criticized for replacing seamanship and athleticism with technology.

This summer, you can learn authentic sailing skills in one of our live-and-learn-aboard boats off the coasts of Hawaii, Belize, Australia, Fiji or New Zealand. There’s no experience like learning to sail your own tall ship. Here are four summer adventure opportunities that put you on the water and in control of your own vessel.

Hawaii Kauai: While learning to sail off the Kona Coast, we’ll have opportunities to see amazing, shallow-water coral reefs, a myriad of colorful tropical fish, and giant sea turtles.

Hawaii Service: Sailing aboard a two-hulled catamaran we’ll travel to unique snorkeling sites where we’ll have opportunities to see amazing coral reefs, tropical fish and giant sea turtles. Our evenings will be spent witnessing spectacular sunsets during dinner, and then sleeping on white sand beaches.

Costa Rica Belize: Aboard our private chartered sailboats, we’ll spend several days sailing and snorkeling amidst hundreds of sandy cays in this quiet paradise of turquoise waters, coconut palms, expansive beaches, and tiny fishing villages. We will anchor each night on deserted islands, feast on a variety of seafood, and explore a marine reserve frequented by manatees, dolphins, and hawksbill turtles.

Fiji Service: we’ll board our live-aboard sailboat for 2 days of exploring the tiny Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. Along our journey, we’ll learn about Fijian customs, culture, and traditions while acquiring basic sailing skills.

Australia: Our 4-day sail through the sun-drenched archipelago of the Whitsunday Islands aboard our private sailboats is a mariner’s dream. Dozens of coconut palm-laden islands with white sand beaches beckon us to drop anchor for snorkeling each day. We’ll learn sailing skills, marine biology, and maritime history while keeping a lookout for dolphins and humpback whales.

Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand: Aboard 2 private sailboats, we’ll sail the amazing islands of New Zealand, steeped in whaling history and Kiwi lore. We’ll learn how to sail, tie knots, and navigate from our native skipper. We’ll likely see playful dolphins alongside our boat each day, while we gaze at the Southern Cross and a canopy of stars at night. Next we’ll spend 4 days sailing aboard our private sailboat to some of the most remote and beautiful islands to be found anywhere. Snorkeling will be excellent, and we’ll partake in a traditional Fijian meal at a local village, where we’ll be welcomed by Fijian Chiefs and entertained by village dancers.